Following the indiscriminate firing on Friday in the two mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand and injuries to more than 50 people and so many people, the government took a big step on Monday and decided to change the gun law and said that in 10-day The law will be changed. Prime Minister JessindaArdern said here that the Cabinet has decided to make changes in the gun law within 10 days. MsArdnen, however, refused to elaborate anything in relation to the change in this law. The Prime Minister said that the investigation of Christchurch terrorist attacks will be done. Kudos! to these politicians and their decisions. We really need to work for the welfare of society and implement immediate action. What we really need to learn from these nations, is that the lives of people are above all. We need to value life that is real humanity, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

In fact, he puts the lives of birds, animals and even insects on top priority. 10 foot snake, found in the ashrams is left unharmed outside the ashram premises. The point here, is how can we really make sure lives are valued. And such occasions call for unified action. By showing no tolerance. By making sure, no goof ups, no gimmicks, no slogans will be tolerated when lives are at stake. But our Country, seems to lose value of life, day by day. Lives are becoming less important in front of petty gains of contractors, who can get away with doing shoddy jobs. We have precious lives being taken on roads, which could have been saved if the job of making roads was done with total commitment. Implications of corruption, need to be highlighted and more awareness is made towards this regard. Even sensitizing masses towards others’ plight is very important. In fact, what seems an obvious and simple solution is never implemented, even accident after accident in our Nation.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

This is where Satsang comes to the rescue in our Society. Where true values are preached and being sensitive to every life comes naturally. Compassion and tolerance grows, says Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. In fact, this Saint, had gone many steps ahead to putting the Society in right gear, by spreading awareness about smallest acts. Corruption forms are filled by Govt. Employees, politicians, bureaucrats to not resort to bribery in any form. People are made sensitive to even animals’ life. They tie reflector belts to save them from accidents in the night. Older animals are asked to be taken care of, instead of just leaving them on the roads. One who is sensitive to other’s pains, will definitely not resort to acts harming others. So as Baba Ram Rahim Ji points out, at a time when Satan is making the entire world, burn Satsangs are the only places when people can cool off and find new ways to problems faced by mankind.