A unique Disaster relief voluntary force by Baba Ram Rahim that has rescued millions

Every year, we get news of the natural disaster in many parts of India. Recently in Kerala, we worse season of floods struck. Disasters, strike now and then, affecting lacs of lives, Because of which many lives get affected Thousands of families, lose their bread-winners, Children lose their parents. Other thousands are displaced. It takes years, to restore back to normalcy.

Baba Ram Rahim Singh

When calamities were rising at alarming rate, and it was really challenging for authorities, NDRF to match the scale at which rescue efforts were needed, one person found it imperative to have a disaster management team, to assist in efforts. And that guys, was Baba Ram Rahim. Yes, that’s right, way ahead of time, he created the World’s first voluntary disaster management Force, Shah Satnam Ji welfare force wing in the year 2001. More than 70000 volunteers offer their services of relief and rescue as part of this wing. These volunteers spend their own money, to reach places of rescue and assist in crisis situations.

These volunteers Reach risk-prone areas battling, climate, time and biggest challenge fear Serve food to the people stuck in calamities Give blood Make temporary houses Provide first aid to the people needing immediate medical attention.

I know our army is capable to do all this in the best possible way, however, sometimes army efforts are not enough to control the situation, looking at the magnitude of the disaster. So this welfare force pitches in for their fellow countrymen. These volunteers are out there, rescuing & relieving the victims, sometimes even for months. They restore the worst affected areas and only then leave the regions. The earthquake in Bhuj in 2001 was the worst affected where volunteers even constructed earthquake resistant houses to combat such disasters in the future. Baba Ram Rahim Ji himself designed the sturdy wooden houses.

These members are given the training to fight all sorts of crisis, fire, floods, and earthquakes, Tsunami, etc. These members visit calamity - affected areas; beginning with taking stock of the situation, researching badly affected areas. And Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji himself leads the rescue mission, with loads of relief and restoration material. This is again; a very kind and passionate gesture when he himself reaches the disaster-hit areas. No celebrity or leader leads a disaster operation himself.

Even 2 mobile hospitals “Farishta”, loaded with modern equipment and a full-fledged operating theatre, form a part of the team. This force has been to Bhuj during 2001 earthquake, Orissa floods, Andaman and Nicobar, when a tsunami struck the site, Nepal, Chennai floods and latest Kerala floods, Amritsar Train incident, all of these, have been visited by this wing and provided the much-needed warmth & compassion while serving the victims. The people can identify, these warriors of humanity, from their unique uniform designed by Baba Ram Rahim Ji, himself. A khaki colored uniform, bears white stripes on the sides, with reflector kind material, to be visible in dark, as they have to venture out at odd hours. Volunteers feel proud to be a part of this unique venture by Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Incidentally, Media happened to call these warriors of humanity, as suicide squad of Dera, during Media trials, after conviction of Baba Ram Rahim, on 25thAugust 2017. Well, this squad is definitely ready to give their own lives, as they have even filled affidavits, for the same, about they themselves responsible for their lives, in case of any untoward incident. But these brave members of the squad are not filling affidavits for suicide or taking lives, rather it is saving lives, that is the motive of these spirited and passionate volunteers.