Extolling the Ram Naam, respected Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that Science also bows down wherever Satguru extends his grace. Citing the example of Sat brahmchari sister Jitender Insan respected Guru ji once said that doctors had diagnosed cancer in her case and declared her to be the guest of a few days. But she lived not just for one-two days but for complete three years by dint of sumiran and meditation of Ram Naam.

Saint Ram Rahim

The Master has proved through her case that the power inherited in Ram Naam cannot be found in the equipment and substances made by man. It is due to the faith that humanity still exists safe and sound. Otherwise so much material of destruction has been made by now that the world is sitting on the heap of gunpowder. Ram Naam of saints-recluses, Allah, Waheguru, Ram is in circulation. Perhaps that is the way that this world is safe from dooms-day. Hinting about the facades of nectar-poison found in the heart of human being.

His Holiness says that our ancient Hindu Mahapurushas had written in scriptures thousands of years ago, that such time will come when selfishness will reign. The money will become relatives and dear ones including God even. There are a lot of persons who become sweet like honey at the time of need and turn into poison when the need ends. Most people are double-faced. One hand is eating the other one in the selfish time prevailing now. If leading life peacefully is desired even in such days; it can be possible if you remain attached with the axle of Allah, Waheguru, Ram Naam. 

It may be Kalyuga for others but Satyug for you for merrymaking. During the present period of Kaal, peace, happiness has become a distant dream. It is a strange period where the representatives of evil are more as compared to the devotees of Allah Waheguru, Ram is quite a few. Respected Guru Ji said that if everybody may act as per norms of his religion then this earth may turn into paradise or a Ganga of love and affection. in a moment Nowhere in our religions, it has been written that one should hate or quarrel with others. Just consider the meaning of word religion and adopt it. It means to join man with man, join man with God, Allah Waheguru, Ram. 

The real meaning of religion is simply this. Meat, eggs consumption is home of hells. Elaborating about it respected Guru Ji says that most people think that meat consumption increases strength. But if strength comes only through meat consumption then test your strength by confronting horse or elephant because they eat grass-vegetation only. On the other side science also admits that man is a born vegetarian. Hence do not consume meat-eggs. 

Respected Guru ji took a promise from the sadh Sangat for not consuming meat-eggs by raising their hands. Female foeticide is a heinous crime. Commenting upon this issue respected Guru Ji declared that mother and the doctor who participate in such grave sin are wretched woman and murderer respectively. If by allowing to let your own daughter killed in the womb you think yourself as manly then shame upon such manliness which is murdering their own offspring. Declaring the Shahi Beti Basera of Dera Sacha Sauda as a boon for society and said that these Shahi daughters have slapped upon the face of society by securing gold medals who was going to gulp them down through female foeticide. The beasts of humanity wanted to eat them up but they are proving exemplary in front of society. 

Describing the dirty intoxicants of the world His Holiness says that these days intoxicants are used extensively in our society. Tobacco and gutkas are dangerous intoxicants that they induce throat cancer, lung cancer, etc many serious ailments. Putting light upon the ingredients of these intoxicants His Highness says that the powder of dried lizard, excreta of a donkey, and the powder of dirt of sewerage are mixed in them.