Baba Ram Rahim was convicted last year and his so called self-motivated and Army and Police sealed well-constructed Dera Sacha Sauda. Little research on this topic, takes us to the networking of Dera. We get to know Dera itself, is not a one identity but manifold to multi units associated with it. Its interesting to mention here, that the so called Dera Sacha Sauda – A place for congregation is connected with many commercial units like Schools, Colleges, professional colleges, Hospital, Hotels, small and medium scale industries. These units are state-of the -Art in their infrastructure & so are the facilities and services provided to the habitats. We can well compare the design to any multinational builders, who try to provide all the modern amenities to their customers.

With security concerns in mind, after conviction of Baba, Haryana Govt, stopped the entry of common people, in these campuses and even locals were asked to quit, the units associated with Dera. Question arose where would they go. These units were well settled and related to each other, like people worked in the factories & sent their children in campus Schools , Colleges , also used the campus’ transport and in exchange they shared the income earned from those, commercial units, making it a complete self sufficient setup. It’s important to mention here that around 90% people are followers of Baba Ram Rahim and carry on the businesses here, just for the sake of his vision and congregations.

But what happened even after conviction, no body could imagine. Schools and colleges were closed, for months and it affected the studies of students, tremendously. Dera’s Blood bank was loaded with Blood, and collected blood bags were not used forcing, the doctors to discard the invaluable blood, donated by devotees for saving lives. Even the OT and general ward, was denied electricity and water. it was a hell for those innocent souls, who  just came for treatment.

The miseries were not over here. Thousands of employees, who were working in dera units were forced to quit their jobs, due to sealed accounts and no source of Dera to pay salary. It was not less than a Lock out and resulted into, Depression, agitation and prolonged tension to many workers. They were unable to bring their families and forced to join, low grade-lowly paid activities. Many employers refused to offer jobs to them. An entrepreneur, who invests money in real Estate or Hotels, can well understand, the value of even one day, of close-down. It quakes the whole business and leaves to zero output and the same happened with hoteliers who owned their businesses in SMG resorts located in Dera Sacha Sauda, lands.

Question emerges, why this treatment to thousands of innocent souls? Are they not the citizens of India? They are equally the citizens like you and me, born and brought up in India. They make their vote count and follow all the rules. Also they are, the kindest lot of the country, due to their tireless efforts, conducting cleanliness campaigns, donating blood, & so much more. Then what justifies, the treatment meted out to them?