In Hindu scriptures, the earth is considered to be like a mother and that is the mother of Mother Earth and also the refuge of all. At the same time, all the creatures are equally present in the form of resource gifts present in this element. Neither anyone nor anyone less. Apart from this, the earth does not discriminate against any creature. Not socially, nor financially, nor in any other form. At the same time, resources available in nature are equal rights to water, river, mountain, mineral wealth and forest, without any constitutional and political intervention and using these resources. It is our responsibility to take care of the planet, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji as part of his initiative, of taking care of the planet and fighting pollution and climate change.

But if you want to, then these nature cannot increase the precious assets provided. But they can be extended in the direction of their protection. In the human reach, the Earth is the only planet in the solar system, where there is life, where mountains, waterfalls, rivers and all creatures are found. But the increasing population, desires, needs, greed, and negligence have not only put the lives of other innocent creatures in crisis but in the whole of the world, they have thrown the entire castle into a state of distress.

It is no exaggeration to say that today Blue Planet is groaning due to global warming and pollution due to human craving and negligence. The earth which has been working on human life for hundreds of centuries has been calling her children today, the Mother Earth, to save her. So this situation is quite fraught and frightening. In our present period, our earth is feeling pressured in many forms. The increase in population has increased the unnecessary burden on natural resources. So it is still time to move forward in the direction of conservation of living organisms and start using renewable energy vehicles and public transport. Work on the lines of business using bicycles should be dealt with.

Plastics and other materials, those taking hundreds of years of decomposition, should be minimized. Planting trees should be increased. In fact, this single most solution if done every single day, by each one of us, can change the fate of this planet as per Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Every person will take the said effort on its own level so that the entire population will also be encouraged to save the earth. Otherwise, destruction will also hide in the glare of development, it is well known, just mankind is closing its eyes over this ever-increasing problem of climate change and pollution. Rampant industries, flouting of rules, and claiming forests, will see the end of this once beautiful planet if not intervened now. We need to keep the planet first in all our strategic decisions, rather than our own gains at the forefront.