Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that people have drawn a circle around them like that of a good frog. Neither they come out of it nor do they want to think anything out of it. Someone is lascivious and remains blind in licentious and voluptuous activities. It will not be pertinent to call him sexy worm or a worm of dirt. Someone is so hot-tempered that he may burst in front of anyone like parents, brothers-sisters or anybody else and speak objectionably. Someone is greedy and lusty while some nurses too much attachment-affection that he ignores to Satguru, and Master even. Someone is haughty.

Such persons may try his utmost but can’t get rid of his pride. It is another thing if he suffers a knock from the Master. But some haughty are such shameless that they pay no heed to the advice of saints, Faquirs-peers, parents, friends chums, and well-wishers even and maintain their pride on the top. Many along with Raven exerted their pride and were crushed simultaneously. Therefore one should never play with pride.

His Holiness says that money has made many to dance to its tunes even today. Poor laments that he had no money. Middle-class person envies that why the neighbor has more than me? Those having a lot of money are worried where to conceal it? But that man who is contented is the most comfortable guy. The human being must feel contented with whatever he possesses and work hard for gaining more. He should not take undue tension for it. A man with contented nature is the most satisfied person otherwise even the king of Triloki is not happy.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that saints do not come to this country of their own will. But they come here if Allah Waheguru or Master directs them to do so because saints are the representatives of that Master, Allah, and Ram. Each act of saints is meant for granting comfort to others. They always try that the just demand of each living being is fulfilled. Just as trees-plants do not consume their fruits themselves, seas never drink their own water; similarly, saints do not come in this world to fulfill their own desires. They rather hear the just demands of human beings and unite them with the supreme bliss. Saints try that if anybody is debauch then he should leave debauchery.

If one is hot-tempered then he should shun heartless behavior and become a devotee. One may not become greedy-lustful and hovering like a fly over the dirt, but become devotee reciting Naam of Allah, Waheguru or Ram. The balloon of pride may be cracked and he should adopt humility and meekness. Saints adopt various ways for stopping the greedy-lustful for money and patient of mind etc. away from ills and every step taken by them is for the betterment of humanity. They never try to displease anyone. Man is grieved on account of his own karmas.

Some persons blame saints for ills but any person may stand up and point out among the gathering of devotees as to why saints trouble him? What saints need from him? Saints rather say that one should not blame another fellow for any trouble because man is simply reaping the fruits of his own karmas. If a man wants to get rid of the consequences of karmas, he should recite to do sumrin of Master’s Naam.

If human being adopts this method then his voluminous karmas will be reduced to pebbles. Man can charm himself by blaming others for his ills but in fact, the basis of his sufferings lies in his own karmas and none other is responsible for it. Therefore he must condemn himself. Man if begins to recite Ram Naam, do Sewa- sumrin and go on shunning his defects one by one then his lick is liable to rise in such a way that he will begin to see Allah, Waheguru, or Ram in each and every speck and grain of the world.