That person who bows his head in the abode of Allah, Waheguru or Ram, means that he admits his authority somehow and yet  thinks that he is far away is just under the illusion of his mind. If anyone pays attention to the sermons of perfect saints in Sat sang where they tell in clear terms that He is present in each and every speck and grain of the world, then your personality is also a grain your body your whole self is a bit better than grain and that Master is therefore within you as well. These words were said by respected Hazur Pita Sant Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan at Shah Satnam Ji Dham Sirsa during the course of Ruhani Majlis on Wednesday evening while commenting and singing the bhajan ,”Bada kiya kasoor, Prabhu samjha hai door” with his pious mouth.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that man should think that how many screens he has been maintaining! How many tricks/craftiness he has been doing! How much planning he is doing! What acts you have not been doing! You think yourself to be very clever. You think that Prabhu knows nothing! He knows about all of your activities beforehand while sitting within you. What planning are you weaving and what thoughts are running in your naughty mind. What do you want to say outwardly? Do you want to prove yourself as great?

In fact, your own mind is wandering by lifting you up. This is the reality of the preys of their minds. They do not admit the words of their saints-faquirs without a hitch because their mind hinders them. Those who ever remained under the spell of their mind if admit the sermons of saints without any hesitation then who knows that God may cut their numerous karmas in a moment. His Holiness says that in spirituality there is no place for ego or planning. First of all test your Guru. If he cheats, demands cash or kind or compels for something else. But if he is a true Guru he will never do so. Those who say but and why even after getting a perfect Guru always suffer a loss. Strong-willed persons admit the sermons without any hesitation immediately, though they may be soiled with numerous sins. Who knows in which whim the mendicant may be sitting then? He may cut all those sins in a moment if desired because God has delegated them with his powers.

His Holiness says when mendicant may be sitting in front of you and some topic is going on then please do not deviate it to your own tune. Do not fall prey to your ego. Do not think that you were the wisest one and rest all of them were mad. When you know well about your evil deeds, crimes and misdeeds then there is nothing to be proud of.

A human being is well aware of his deficiencies. There is wisdom in removing the shortcomings naturally known to a person and it seems no benefit to let them continue. Nobody keeps a mad dog. Similarly, when the mind turns mad it entraps a person to commit mistakes. When Peer-Faquir grants a chance they instantly push the madness out on agreeing by a devotee, just as a snake –charmers pull out the poisonous tooth of a snake. But the mind of a person resists. The mind is extremely clever-naughty.

It gives wise suggestions that you are the wisest and rests all are fools of the first water. If it is so then considered that your mind is dominant over you. It does not let you enjoy the bliss of spiritualism. Do not be his slave. If you have to be the slave of someone be that of Satguru-Master, whose slavery even grants supreme bliss of both the worlds. Act upon the suggestion of ascetics –Peer about Prabhu-Lord. His slavery means freedom from the whole of the world and slavery of the love of the Lord if continued grants immense bliss.

His Highness says that age is immaterial against the temptation of one’s merciless mind. It never stops from committing bad deeds. Whatever may happen whatever may become, whatever the public says but if the mind is bent upon meanness, its actions are deplorable it will continue with them. The mind does not change its habits so far as it regains full faith upon his Satguru –Maula, begins sumrin-meditation-prayers, then its habits can be changed. Mind raises his flag of revolt quite different from the world. This all is done by the Mind. This is the reason why a human being thinks God as far away. The man has been forced by mind-Maya [Illusion] like this. This is the reason why man does not believe in God.

His Holiness says that mind troubles a lot and cheats while Lord is also inside and tyrannical mind is also inside. Master is omnipresent, in everything; no space is empty from him. Those who pray to him with truthful heart and do social services are surely rewarded with happiness continuously.  During this dense Kaliyuga he grants such rare boons which cannot be imagined even. See by obeying the sermons, see by doing sumrin, you will surely become worthy of his kindness-grace undoubtedly.