Decrying the trend of female foeticide revered Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that after getting information about the arrival of a girl child from the doctor in the womb, people resort to abortion. When a pliers-like instrument is entered in the womb of the mother then that innocent life trembles with fear. That plier if unable to drag the little female child is replaced with a knife to cut her into pieces in the womb itself and removed. In the second alternative that mini creature is burnt inside by sprinkling chemical/acid over her through injection. Then the foetus is pulled out and thrown inside the bin. 

Baba Ram Rahim

Stray dogs eat her up by plucking tossing and snatching. Those who abate such merciless act and claim themselves to be manly deserve to be condemned severely, who do not think twice before serving their own daughters in front of street dogs to devour her up. Those mothers who have been granted the rank of second God by our culture, but prefer to assist in this heinous act do not deserve this honour but are actually wretched women. Village community still considers doctor as next to God, because they save lives. 

But that doctor who cuts the little life into pieces for a few rupees is not a doctor/God but rather a murderer. Daughters are not inferior if nurtured culturally and prove better than sons even. Do not think that only sons can brighten your name, but these days’ daughters are moving faster than sons in every field. As per statistics today; about one lakh- 50,000 female foeticides are being carried out throughout the world, and 5 crores -50 lakhs per year.6.0 lakhs mothers die during abortion per year throughout the world.

So brothers! Why do you invite your death for nothing? All the devotees raised their hands to vow for not indulging in this merciless act of female foeticide in future in response to the call given by respected Guru Ji in Satsang. Continuing further His Holiness says that if you have many daughters, then instead of getting them killed; leave them in Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram Sirsa [Haryana]. I will grant them my name [like father] and nurture them adoringly. There is a place named Shahi Beti Basera in the ashram built for such girls, where many girls are already residing. They have been provided with rooms fitted with A.Cs and are studying in C.B.S.E. schools. Therefore leave them under our shelter if you can’t afford them.    

Declaring every intoxicant as bad revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji also cautions people that people have resorted to misusing the drugs as intoxicants which are meant for dissipating unbearable pains; medically adulterated drugs have found their way in the market now. There is an intoxicant which is made from dried sewerage. It is further mixed with a dead lizard, animal fats, excreta of donkeys and horses. Afterwards, it is packed in glittering packing with scents and sends unto you. Now think a while what various items you are consuming! So brothers! Avoid these intoxicants, because these contribute cancer of throat, tongue, lungs, stomach etc. These grant untimely death, shun them altogether. As per statistics, the number of deaths caused due to intoxicants per year in our country is 8 lakh people!!