Respected Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that he has studied the religious scriptures of all religions which point out the same thing that loves all but selflessly. As soon as selfishness enters, the love brakes like a raw thread. In fact, the love of Allah Waheguru or Ram is only the selfless love. God gives but never points its obligation out. Man if lends some cash to the other never lets him raise his head. Satguru if reminds someone; he does so to save him from numerous heinous deeds and recalling that he had fallen so many times and was pardoned so many times by Allah, Waheguru, Satguru by hugging him with the divine chest. Satguru may point out something for the sake of goodness of human being otherwise he never asserts the favour done, what to mention about the Master. Therefore man must not be thankless. Previously People used to sing continuous praises of one if he served the meal of one time. But today they become disloyal to the person who has helped in crisis and announces haughtily that they must do so.

His Holiness says that if you help in lifting the downtrodden then Allah, Master will take care of you and your family in return and will never let you fall. If you create slippage for someone and become the reason for his fall then none can say when you and your family may fall down suddenly and none will come to your rescue. Therefore never betray someone away from Allah, Master or Ram. A cow if separated from its calf bellows. In a way, a sigh comes out from her inner; asking why her child is being separated from her? Although when her calf gains milk then her curse changes into a boon. If anyone becomes a means of betraying others away from Allah, Waheguru, or Ram then how he can expect peace in return?

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim ji says that so many times it has been stressed by him that you people must act nobly, do good deeds; move good company, move in the company of holy people. Public reply that they have no time for doing charitable deeds. Alright; if you can’t do good deeds then please do not do evil at the least. How you get time at your disposal when some bad act is being enacted by you? It is your duty to raise fallen guy but if you have no time for it as per your claim then at least do not impede him to fall.

In fact, those who surrender themselves before their mind become its prey. A right minded person will in fact never go near such elements those who profess evil or do evil. When you yourself are fallen in your thoughts then you begin to feel the acts of those negative persons as commendable. Never let even the shadow of such mean fellows to fall upon you, because he becomes disloyal who in spite of gaining everything claims that Allah, Ram has granted nothing to him. But it also is not true that such persons are unalterable. He can be pardoned if he thinks seriously, repents his past acts, pray for excusing his disloyalty, listens to the divine sermons of saints, Peer-Fauquier and begins to do sumrin and social service. That Almighty Lord is too kind, an ocean of grace and generosity and pardons even the heinous evil doers if repented sincerely. Thereafter he grants the defaulter with divine love-affection and hugs him lovingly.

Continuing further respected Guru Ji says that Premise never stop treading upon the path leading to the Master even if separated by deep-sea gulf, infested with roaring lions, guarded by the fearsome agents of death who never allow even an ant to pass, because their intense desire is already connected with Allah, Master or Ram and they ultimately succeed in meeting him. Therefore strengthen your love with the Lord and make it fully confident so much so that what to say of betraying by others but even their severe opposition may prove to be futile. The waves of love generated out of your divine love may override everyone and touch the lotus feet of the Master, resulting in his generous blessings and graces. Hence do not pay any heed to whatever anyone comments and go on pursuing your target. Never let pride have its say. Citing an example respected Guru Ji says that once the 3rd Pat shah shri Guru Ajar Doss Ji Maharaja was sitting somewhere. Both the sons of shri Nanak Dev Ji came there and one of them named Sri Chand caught hold the beard of Shri Guru Amar Dass Ji Maharaja and asked, ”What is this and what for?” He replied humbly,” I have nurtured this for cleaning your feet.” They turned extremely shameful on hearing these words and started perspiring. You can not become like a Guru whom Sat guru has made Sat Guru, but at least can follow the path shown by him. If anyone has taunted you; it does not mean that you may forgo the noble path of spiritualism.

Has Satguru ever told you anything? If he says something he will be giving some Daat to you. You will lose all credit of meditation by indulging in the love of worldly persons and if Per-Fauquier speaks anything in annoyance even then nobody can guess that when those may result in ending mountain like deeds of you into pebbles. If you preserve your love for that Allah, Master securely and go on acting upon the sermons of recluse-mendicants then rest assure that if anybody abuses you by calling as ungrateful but you are loyal, and then the Lord will honour you with his kind grace and bliss so much so that public will feel wonderstruck. Therefore never bother about the remarks of anybody and go on treading the path of Allah, Waheguru or Ram which grants the grace-kindness of the Lord.