Pride, anger, greed, attachment, lust, illusion-mind and sexual activities are such weaknesses which are found in every individual. Only those who recite the Naam of the Master and adhere to the sermons of Satguru can win over these weaknesses. Mind and senses are prevalent during these days of Kalyuga. Anyone can betray you during these days. Says the respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Respected Guruji also prayed for the welfare and progress in good social services, of the devotees gathered from various states of India as well as from abroad and congratulated them all for the holy birth Bhandara of respected Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj.   

Enlightening upon the teachings of respected Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, respected Guru Ji says that the true Murshid conducted numerous Satsangs and elaborated the weaknesses of human beings. Licentious –voluptuous activities, anger, lust. Greed, attachments, minds –illusion, and egoism are those weaknesses which every individual suffers. Only those persons who are committed to Sumrin and recitation of Gurumantra regularly and adhering to the sermons of Satguru-Master can win over these weaknesses. Otherwise, to come out safely from their spiral –the layout is rather impossible.

Everybody is suffering from one disease or the other. Someone is indulged in sex, while another one is mad in lust-greed. Someone has enmeshed in attachment-affection while another one is drowned in pride. The mind is confusing and illusion is betraying. Man is distancing away from the Master under the spell of mind-illusion. Thus the true guide taught the lesson of love to all that while treading upon the path of spiritualism if you face difficulties then you must never lose heart because the path of goodness is full of thorns and hindrances.  Still, the goodness always persists while the evil perishes.

Stressing hard upon the recitation of Ram Naam, respected Guru Ji says that it is the period of dense Kalyuga. Mind and senses are dominating now. Anyone can betray you because those who are themselves treading the wrong path can never guide others towards the right path. That who himself is haughty, mischievous cannot make others to shun bad deeds. Your Highness remembered great men, Gurus and offered his obeisance to them said that we still remember our Gurus and Mahapurusha but those who blamed them and hindered their path of goodness are despised and hated upon. History is evident that Ram Chander Ji got the rank of God in public eyes but Kekayi sent him to forests in the blind love for her son. None has adopted the name of Kekayi afterward.

She has become the representative of evil while Ram is added with every name. Similarly, Sita Ji was also not spared from slapping blame upon her by the world. Though she succeeded in a fire test yet the merciless world did not excuse her. This is going on since ancient days. Whenever some goodness dawns somewhere then evil starts seething against it. People get impatient. Manmukh persons start troubling those who move ahead upon the right path. because those who possess thorns cannot grant the scent of flowers.

But those with flowers can do so. Some great sage has said that if someone throws thorns in your path you should grow flowers for him. In future those will prove to be a velvety surface for you and his thorns will turn into tridents to be faced by him. Means that whatever you sow so shall you reap.  Hence do not do the acts resulting in bad consequences as directed by the saints but only those which are worthy. Respected Guru Ji told that most public is sad due to their unfulfilled desires. The desires of men go on increasing. If one wish is fulfilled then it does not come to his notice at all as to whether it has been fulfilled or not. This way man remains ever sad due to his misconceptions.

A man remains eager to see one sun but he never wishes to see the one who has created thousands of suns. If anyone claims that he is yearning for him but he does not come, then it is a100% lie. Because when the child weeps then the mother comes rushing for it. If someone yearns for that God who has created that mother them will he not respond rushing? People of these days have considered God as a child, an innocent one. Our religions teach us to do good deeds if you stand by the innocents then God will stand by you. If you act helpfully towards the children of God then God will also respond helpfully. Those who serve hapless and deprived ones then surely it are equivalent to direct service of God himself. To serve those means serving God himself. Such persons earn the rank of high esteem and their name is recorded in golden and diamond studded words in the abode of the Master.

Condemning those who have evil in their eyes even at a place like holy Sat sang respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that at least one should not behave in such manner at the spot of Ram Naam because such defaulters are surely punished by the Lord. Continuing further His Holiness said that during these days of Kalyuga the will of mind is dominating and the sound of the soul has oppressed. Therefore how those persons can have the kind graces of the Master who pursue bad deeds? If you adopt the sermons of saints –mendicants in your life and act accordingly then you will become worthy of gaining the graces of God. Your life will turn into spring and there will be no sign of autumn at all.

But if you follow the dictates of your mind then you will suffer bad consequences if not immediately then in the future. By obeying the sermons of saints not only you but also your family as well be salvaged. Because Master has a soft corner for his disciple every time, therefore, holds on to the Naam of Satguru. Because those who remain attached to the axle of Naam gain the facilities of Satyug even in Kaliyug, by the kind grace of the Master. There is only one method to keep the mind under control to serve the poor and hapless ones; to do social service and to recite Naam Shabad. Learn to resist your mind. Push out the dirty thoughts out of your mind then surely you will become full to the brim with the kind graces of the Lord and gain the bliss of both the worlds.