Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that the true saints teach the lesson of spirituality and humanity. Those persons, who are reading the subjects of worldly knowledge, do not know,” What am I? What are the principles of life for me?” Therefore selfishness, mercilessness, self-interest go on increasing these days. Who so ever may be checked is found indulged in self-interest like Dhritarashtra? You check anybody and you will find that he is limited within himself and his family. In megacities, people do not know that what is happening in the lower story and what in the upper one? It means that feelings are drying up. Our culture is dying a gradual death. The culture of our country is considered as number one through the world. The matter pertaining to the meditation of Allah, Waheguru, and Master is considered minimal. God is given priority at the time of need only and afterward forgotten altogether.

Baba Ram Rahim

His Holiness says that during these days of Kalyuga man has turned so blind in the illusion that he knocks down to his seniors even. If you want peace, bliss, and tranquility as well as freedom from worldly worries, if you want that life may pass smoothly like spring season then please devote some time for prayers-meditation of Allah, Master. When you people work like an ox of an oil mill for the sake of comforts and prosperity of your children the whole day, then please try the words of saints once. If you will devote 15 minutes in the morning-evening, it will result in the salvation of not only you but of your children as well. What else is needed other than so many benefits in lieu of so short a time? On the other hand, the man goes on toiling hard for days together and instead of the benefit he adds more worries tensions and problems. Who knows what destiny has reserved for you at turn point? You can change that. Your deeds of dangerous consequences can be reduced drastically if you resume Sumiran schedule regularly both in the morning and evening. This practice will help you control your thoughts. The person who keeps his thoughts under control is the most peaceful person in the world because bad thoughts are the real culprits which betray a person. H.I.V and AIDS-like killer diseases abound in society due to betraying thoughts of those who fail to restraint self-control.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that to leave one’s habit once adopted; is a tough task. One can succeed only by the determined fight against his mind. Those greedy, lustful persons who are mad for money day in and day out can never shun their habits. Earning for a living is not bad but living for earning turns a person just like a machine. None in this world seems satisfied. Every person is dissatisfied due to one reason or the other. Actually, man creates so many webs of desires that those enmesh him miserably.

After this, the resultant worries, tensions, and problems storm his mind and render him puzzled. There seems no way out. The enormous tension of such persons can not find any solution medically. There is medicine inside everybody and that is ‘Hari-Ras,’ nectar,’ Aab-e-Hayat’ Just as butter is always there in the milk similarly that nectar, Hari-ras, spiritual powers exist in every individual. In order to awaken them a leavened of Ram Nam has to be added. This Ram Naam is tax-free because it is priceless and bestowed by the saints free of charge. Yet a few come for it. Give time for meditation like all other routine works every day.

Please fix time schedule and practise sumrin. Whatever you will speak while preparing and taking meals will surely impress your daily routine. Because any type of food generates the same type of thoughts. All mothers-sisters are advised to prepare food with sumrin during this course. Such food will generate peace-tranquility in the household, intoxicants will end, and you will be able to be dear to the Master.