Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan while addressing devotees says Sadh Sangat is doing dedicated service in their blocks and villages. The prime duty of human beings is to recite the Naam of the Master and serve the world created by the Lord selflessly. During this present period if Kaal is in his prime youth then Dayal is also not less like a match. During ancient days our Rishis- Munies used to devote thousands of years. Their bodies were consumed by white ants and turned into the soil then, at last, they succeeded in gaining the vision of Prabhu, Ram, Allah, Waheguru.

But in the present period of Kaliyuga, if the man gets up in the early morning between 2 to 4 A.M. and recites the Naam of Master for one hour dedicatedly for three months, he can taste that Aabo-Hayat of vision of Bhagwan. Citing an example respected Guru Ji said that when a child weeps then its mother rushes to attend it lovingly. Then that God who has created the love in the heart of a mother, why he will not rush for the devotee? You people just try to call him with the same yearning it can never be possible that he may not respond to your call. 

Revered Guru Ji while giving a call to continue the system of human welfare acts; says further that all the Sadh Sangat should do the services to their seniors-elders. They are to be granted proper care attention and due respect. They are not to be sent to old-age homes. The second job is; as you know that the summer season has set in. You have to get water tanks etc constructed upon Katcha paths so that pedestrians may be able to quench their thirsts. In ancient days peoples used to keep pitchers in huts etc so that the passersby may drink cool water during the hot season.

The 3rd job is to keep the arrangement of water and fodder/ cereals for birds and animals. Although Sadh Sangat is already doing this job and many of the Sadh Sangat has begun this job. Respected Guru Ji further says that help the poor of the villages in your blocks to the hilt. You will earn the grace of the Lord by doing so. His Holiness says that the rich should extend money to the poor at low-interest rates. Not like earning interest @ 5-10 % but rather nominal. God will grant you endless happiness if you will return their principal amount with interest. Poor are not be enslaved.

The change in society is to be done through Ram Naam. Ram Naam is to be recited. Ram Naam has been always in vogue. It has never stopped; nor will stop in the future. Even ‘Parlaya’ and ‘Maha-Parlaya’ could not harm Ram Naam and it went on unabated. Those who remain stick with the fulcrum/peg of Ram Naam; are beyond the reach of Kaal. They remain safe from pulverizing in between the two grinding stones of the mill. In other words, those who take shelter under the cover of Ram Naam remain unaffected by sexual exploitations, greed, lust, anger, attachments, pride, mind and Maya[illusion] served by Kaal.

Their faces ever remain bright and blooming. A permanent glow of God’s grace is directly visible over them. It is therefore requested to you people to recite the Naam of the Master regularly. Serve the society selflessly. Love all the creatures of the Master without any motive or return. I pray to God that he may fulfill all your just desires in return.

In this era when evil is in top gear these days. Falsehood is ruling the roost all- around. Everybody is ready is set for sale for the sake of money. Money has gained the central stage in place of one’s faith, integrity, and religion-trust and as far as God even. Those who are resourceful get salutes from everybody. If money is not there then even the household members defy you. If it is there then even unknown persons become chums. Now the time is very fearsome. On the other side, it is a golden chance as well. Where people used to go in jungles-hills for penance for years together, and at last God was available. But now God can be availed within months and that also while doing sumrin of Ram Naam by sitting at home.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that what a strange period has come. People ask how do you do? Just as if he will set that right. Instead of it should be asked like this, “Do you undertake Ram Naam or not?” But he feels shy in asking it. Revered Guru Ji says that he had been stressing so many times to mothers-sisters to recite Ram Naam. Recitation of Ram Naam for four months while preparing food will surely result in removing any trouble in the household. From where the peace will come if you will waste the time in backbite-condemnation of others?