Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan while elaborating on the bhajan,“Aaja ke satsang men tera kam bataiyen, bhool gaya ghar kam,seedha narak men jaye, ki chaurasi men jayen” about man’s real job after attending Sat sang only. The man goes on running day and night and bodily comfort, family comfort, and luxurious living have gained the center stage of his ambition. In order to meet this aim, man thinks money-cash-riches being the only solution. So far so that even spiritual peace is sought by him in accumulation of money. The man rushes madly for earning money like the ants running for searching food, helter-skelter.

Saint Ram Rahim

But money is not everything. Spiritual peace cannot be procured with money. The man should recite Ram Naam for gaining peace of mind. Saints never prevent anyone from earning wealth. Money must be earned, but not by snatching the rights of others or by blackmailing others because such money proves to be a slow poison. When your children will wail on account of that then you will not be able to do anything. All religions profess to earn by hard work. May it be bodily or mentally. It will grant glow on your face and bliss of a different category will prevail upon your mind. His Holiness says that these days the new discoveries are being misused rather than properly used. These days science has been advanced a lot. But instead of removing poverty from the face of the earth; methods of destroying humanity are being discovered prominently.

Such circumstances had become prevalent during the era of Ramayana and Mahabharata as well. The pride/ego of that time had taken the shape of doomsday and complete destruction. The men of these days are also enhancing the same direction. His Holiness says that these days men with humanistic leaning have become a rarity. When some person stands by honesty and virtue; it shows his breeding.

But when that very person supports selfishness then it reveals that money has overpowered him. Though the truth is always bitter the truth is after all truth. Truth has prevailed for ever and will continue to do so in the future as well. Bhisham Pitamah was blessed with a boon of death –on –demand Dronachariya was invincible at that time. Aswasthama had become immortal then. But all these persons stood by evil and suffered such defeat by hands of Pandvas that Bhisham Pitamah had to sleep on the bed of arrows. In other words, the truth triumphed ragingly and will go on triumphing like this. It means that those who stand by truth become immortal in both of the worlds. Dharma is forever, was forever and will remain as it is forever.  Shri Krishna, Shri Rama, Guru, Peer-Prophets all are still alive in the mind-memory of the general public but those who in flinched injustice to them have left no trace whatsoever.