It is said in the Bible that whatever one sows, it reaps just that. This is what almost every religion says. This is the doctrine theory. On mango tree planting, there will be common mangoes. The extra shade will be found on planting a tree but If you sow acacia seeds, you will get thorns. Thorns will prick only in feet, so it is necessary to sow the right seeds. Baba Ram Rahim Ji warns his disciples, to sow the seeds that give you sweet fruits, for yourself and your family and society at large, a mistake in seed selection will make you repent for births.

In today's scientific era, farmers sow seeds of high quality before preparing the soil well before sowing it in the field, in the same way, the person also sows the seeds of good thoughts generated by a positive attitude by purifying the mind.

These seeds will be the reason for the happiness and prosperity of the whole family, the welfare of the person, providing the best health and longevity. The happiness and prosperity of all the neighbors, friends and their families; love good health, health, and longevity; The whole village, town, city and the entire nation and the people of the world wish for prosperity, mutual love, good health, health, and longevity. There are innumerable bhavs or expressions in every moment in mind, many desires continue to take birth. Neither all the expressions are clear, nor are all desires are clear and complete.

First, understand how to choose Satavik Desire. It is to choose the excellent expression from the pool of your thoughts which arise in the mind. If you sit in a calm and steady state, analyze the values, then the sattvic or useful thoughts or desires become clear. If there is no useful purpose or a sense of belongingness from the desires, then the person can take help of his intellect and discretion. We all know what is good and what is not good says reverend Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji.

Those what we call resolution, they start from here. A strong the will to resolve the intensity of desire or doing any work is the resolution. Choice of any emotion is possible only because of the intensity of desire. I have to do this work, I have to get that, I have to be a good person, I have to develop these qualities, all these are our expressions which take the form of resolution due to the intensity or firmness of choice and desire. Take it. Resolution means that we have clarified the choice or purpose of desire. Now it is left to get some effort for which to try.

We can also call this round setting. Think of any work We are not really the ones to do. We can think of the quantity. Can think. The process of implementation begins with the idea. We can control the idea, make it effective. Eliminating negative emotions can bring a positive feeling in its place and nurturing the values ​​one can achieve the desired result.

Purushartha is impossible without desires. So desire, only then will you get something. If you sow something then only you will be able to cut, that is the eternal rule. And human birth is got for purushartha for hard work, for results for helping mankind, for Devotion to eternal power, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.