His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that all of our religions have been accepted as great science. We also studied all religions and science simultaneously and found that it is really a fact. Modern scientists have begun to follow our religions or they have started believing the facts of our religions gradually. Explaining the meanings of Sat sang respected Guru Ji says that it is Sat+Sang Sat means truth and sang means company. Hence Sat sang means the company of truth. There is only one truth in this world, which is Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda, Rabb, Bhagwan, which can never be disputed. 

Though there are numerous names attributed to God but the Master of all is one. That Bhagwan is such a truth which can never be false. Though it is as per record of our religious scriptures, the scientists had not accepted it. Now they have started to admit that change is also taking place in the earth, Sun, moon and all planets. But there is never any change in God. That was the truth, is the truth and will remain to be the truth. Sat sang or ‘Ruhani- majlis’ is that where the discussions of that Supreme Power is done without any fee, donation, alms or change of faith, fraud or fabrications in return.  

His Holiness says that now the question arises that which is God? Some say these are 33crores of god and goddesses. Somewhere it recorded as 365 crores and all are said to be the God. But that Bhagwan which we are discussing here is that about whom it has been mentioned in Vedas. Who took birth first of all? That tower of light, brightness out of which Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Kaal- Mahakaal were born. That tower of light whose end was not found by Brahma Ji though many eras had passed. Ultimately he gave up. Then a sound was heard, ”I am that Supreme Power, the Master who has made you. All of you have to create a world. 

As and how the Master went on guiding the World went on being created likewise. Therefore that Master is the bestower of salvation. Designate him as Om, Hari, Waheguru, Allah or God, you like because he has billions of names, yet he is one.

Telling about the name of that tower of light His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji says that everybody has the basic mantra. Just as there are basic mantras of god-goddesses. The recitation of which results in gaining ‘Riddhi- Siddhi’ But if you are interested in gaining access to that Supreme Power and gain the kindness and grace of him then there is a name of him as well. Which is called as ‘Guru Mantra.’ Those who have already been initiated may recite the same and others who are still aspirants will be initiated today. We have come here today to tell the same

Explaining the effect of the company, His Excellency says one cannot save oneself from the blackness while entering in a mine of coals. One cannot avoid becoming salty while entering in a mine of salt. On the other hand water from various streams and rivulets falls into Ganga Even stenchy and smelly wine also finds its way in it Dirt also flows in it during the rainy season. All rivers with their water and dirt also add in the water of pious Ganga. Then that dirt does not remain as dirt but turns into Ganga water. 

Similarly, as the type of company will you move the same effect will be gained by you. If you will sit near drunkards, Gamblers, then you will also catch bad habits. On the other side, you will catch sweet scent by sitting in the proximity of flowers. Similarly the company of mean peoples they will make your life miserable. If you will sit with good persons then Janta will treat you with great regards and your life will bloom with happiness. If you attend Sat sang and become a bit courageous then you can earn the happiness of both the worlds. It is recorded in Bhagwat, Ramayan, and other holy scriptures as well that Sat sang is the only best company.