Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. While on one hand, it is a major employment sector, it also has a very important contribution in the country's gross domestic product (GDP).60 to 70 percent of the country's population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Approximately 22 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) is the role of agriculture. This fact covers India in developing countries of the world. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji has come up with various initiatives for the food providers of the nation. These include awareness, cash incentives, eliminating middlemen, organic farming, etc.

Food is available only through agriculture, as well as many major industries in the country depend on agriculture, cotton textiles, sugar industry, tea industry, jute industry, etc. The agricultural product is a major part of the business. India has traded in the world of agriculture products like tea, cotton, oilseeds, masala, etc. Ignoring the farmers, the providers of food can prove costly for the Nation. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji has shown the plight of the farmers through his films as well so we can feel the pain that they go through day in and out.

The growing population is a big problem today and with this, another problem is associated with the supply of food for such a large population. While the conditions of the weather today are not conducive to farming and secondly, The Indian farmer is not able to produce a crop as much as needed.

'Ananam Va Praninam Prana' means food is Prana. The art of food-growing is agriculture. Agriculture is a science that encompasses the microcosm from growing crops &providing to marketplaces. This is the science where a farmer is working under the constant understanding of various techniques for better productivity, understanding and practical use. Fighting everyday storms and natural calamities, farmers of our society, are a very important part and their contributions to the population and to country's gross domestic product (GDP) is significant for lives to thrive.

There are many reasons for the poor condition of the Indian farmer, whatever the cause, but the entire society, politicians, and everyone who is capable should work towards the food providers. Governments also want to double the income of the farmers and the target is also kept every year. But sadly, the case of farmers is far from improving. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has shown the plight of the farmers through his films as well so we can feel the pain that they go through day in and out.

The use of electricity by the farmers, fertilizers, seeds, labor cost (cost) should be properly evaluated and accordingly, the prices of the crop should be decided. The role of middlemen should be reduced. The proper marketing of the farmer's crop will go a long way in improving their lives. Agriculture subsidies should reach every needy farmer directly into their bank accounts. New agricultural technology, new research in the agriculture sector, and its benefits should reach every farmer regularly and regular seminars should be held for the same.

Many times, due to natural calamities, the country's farmer is in shock. Farmers suffer heavy losses in most of the states due to these factors. Such disasters also ruin small farmers' confidence. The Governments can help in instilling the confidence by providing crop insurance etc.

Dera Sacha Sauda has taken huge steps to bridge this gap. Baba Ram Rahim Ji conducts awareness seminars and “Kisan melas” to make them aware of the latest techniques of farming and allied activities. Also, efforts are taken to let the farmers know the importance of organic farming which can help in improving the health of the Nation. They are also told ways to make optimum use of land by parallel farming techniques. Middlemen are eliminated by buying the product directly by keeping a consistent price for their produce.

All this is done by Baba Ram Rahim Ji and his followers to ensure the Anndata feels confident and proud of the fact that he is the provider for the Nation.