You are under surveillance of camera right now! You will think, why we are joking as nothing is like there. But the striking fact is, yes, you are under the camera not just now, but every time, everywhere and you can’t use any trick to save yourself from this. Shocked? Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has pinpointed and disclosed this all-time recording camera keeping all records of each of your daily activities.

If you are thinking we are talking about simple cameras or CCTV cameras, then let us tell you, these camera recordings are limited to one place, where the camera is fitted, one time when it is allowed to record. But there’s a super-fast technology, which is recording each of your moment without any time or place bars.

This technology is ‘God’. You have heard that God is omnipresent, apparently. But for many of you, these are mere words and this makes you forget the reality, that is, he actually is everywhere and recording everyone live in his camera without sparing even a single moment. Just think, you are cheating someone in business or school or office or anywhere and think, there’s no one who has seen you and you just continue with your actions. But you forget the first lesson of our religions that ‘God is Everywhere’ who is recording each of your moment, reckoned it properly and you have to bear the consequences for sure. So, don’t ever forget God in any case. If you do so, then you will never resort to wrong deeds in a lifetime.

Now let’s get into what should you actually do. As per Saint Dr. MSG, everyone must act as per this carol:
“Is Janam Mein Ye Do Kaam Kro,
Ik Naam Japo Aur Prem Kro,
Kisi Jeev Ka Dil Na Dukhana Kabhi,
Maut Yaad Rakho, Malik Se Daro”

Let’s know about this phrase in clear words:

Recite God’s Word Regularly!

There are a number of instances resulting in hurting someone by your words or actions without any intention to make them hurt. As its outcome, you have to bear the negative outcomes. Even when you watch, say or hear something wrong then also you will have to face its outcomes. Then how could you get safe? Its method of meditation which helps you cut out the dangerous consequences of unintentionally wrong done by you.

Meditation is a powerful device that kicks out inferences that you have to face otherwise, for the wrong acts. Its everyone’s duty to recite God’s words because this human body has been allotted by God for this purpose only. So besides performing your daily chores, repeat God’s words continually.  

Be Kind Towards Everyone!

Don’t be harsh and don’t ever loose temper. Be mindful about your words, eyes, and actions and never ever hurt anyone intentionally or unintentionally. All the creatures are God’s creation, so if you hurt someone, then you indirectly hurt God. Your every moment is getting recorded, so never hurt anybody in your lifetime, if you want to attain His divine grace.

God is Beholding You!

Remember it, God is watching you every now & then. He doesn’t spare the tiniest fraction of any moment in watching and recording your acts. He will not tolerate you to peeve any of his creatures. So, always do good deeds, if you want to get protected from negative consequences.
Remember Death Always!

Death is immortal. Everyone has to leave this world someday at some time and will never be able to refuse. Everyone will die and you can’t carry money, houses, vehicles with you in your end time. even this human body will not accompany you after death. Then why do you perform such cruel acts to earn money?

Earn money to live and don’t live to earn money. Your motto should be to attain salvation and God’s grace. So, perform the tasks that are worthy for you and earn money just to live life and don’t get dependent upon it. your actions are well recorded and are getting recorded all the time in God’s camera. So, be mindful and perform good deeds that are really worthy for you.