Today the self-centric world has navigated people in the wrong direction. They don’t pay heed to right things, but always stay in ego and consider it on the top. People lose the senses of rationality as ego overshadows everything. Does it affect just regular life? Do you feel its impact in the materialistic world? No! Besides affecting your regular life and relations, it affects the spiritual life as well.

Saint Ram Rahim

Yes. Ego hampers your love for the Lord and HE never ever becomes yours, if you are egoistic. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has clarified this in a number of ways. he said its best example is of Ravana. Ravana was the wisest person of that time. He was known as the Pundit of all Vedas. He didn’t just memorize those Vedas, but have also annotated the holy books. His knowledge and wisdom are still appreciated everywhere. He got blessed with numerous boons from Mahadeva Shiv Ji. But still, his entire kingdom got ruined and not even a single person left alive, why? Because he was in ego that everyone is just like an ant before him and none can foil him in any manner. Today everyone is aware of what happened next!

“Ik lakh poot, sava lakh naati,
Tey Raavana ghar diya na baati..”

Even after having 1 lakh sons and 1.25 lakh grandsons, none stay alive to even light up their home. All died because of ego. This is a big example in front of us, but the agony is everyone is aware of it, still, no one takes a lesson and shun ego forever. Today, people don’t want to leave ego at all. They all are so habitual of it that it has become an inseparable part of their lifestyle. But this is the biggest hindrance in the path of spirituality.

Guruji preaches that meditation needs pure thoughts spare of wickedness and egoistic attitude. The ego always keeps you spare of God’s grace as where ego is, there God’s love can never stay.

How to Tame Ego?

As we know, Saint MSG is brimmed of solutions and have all the keys to unlock every damn lock. So, to help you overcome ego problem, he has suggested the best way which doesn’t just shun the ego problem, but also boost up the self-confidence to scale high. The way is the method of meditation. By spending some time in God’s prayer, one gets blessed with an abundance of happiness, will power, self-confidence and capability to achieve heights.

He preaches that water always flows downwards and never stays on the tops. So, politeness and patience make you humble and a real human who is loved and admired by every single person. The ego doesn’t just impact harmfully on the person but leaves its impact on the entire family and there’s nothing left in their hands instead of repenting.

So leave the ego behind forever. Open up your heart for God’s grace and not forego. Once you do it, you will actually feel, how blessed you are! Let’s all take a pledge to prefer God instead of ego!