Fighting with others is very easy. When one has to fight with himself, that is real courage says Rev Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Selfless karma has been described as paramount in Indian culture. But today, when we do not have knowledge of our own culture, then it will be difficult to teach to our younger generations.

Religious site, a queue or crossroad signal, we want to be ahead everywhere If someone goes ahead of us, then we start to feel envious. It is also important to meet your needs. But when this happiness is transformed into selfishness and it is necessary to understand the fine difference between them.

Every person needs physical things to live a better life, but on the other hand, materialism can never make you happy. The sadhu also needs a roof, two-time food, and money for treatment.  If we need money to meet our needs, it is fine. But collecting more than needs, and getting into the habit of more and more materialistic accumulations, will lead you nowhere. Baba Ram Rahim Ji explains with an analogy.

The infinite love of materialism is 'I' and brings ego:

There has been a lot of emphasis on subtle issues in Indian culture. The one who got everything in this life is the result of all the previous lives, which will be found only in fate. Fulfilling the interests is better for the society provided it is in a positive way. At the same time, having the desire of more than they need, by harming someone, by taking a bribe, and taking advantage of his interests gradually the society begins to fall warns his Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

Freedom from selfishness:

So that a better society can be created. Where everyone gets equal opportunities, then there will be no place for bribery, hoarding. Every person is aware of the interests of others as well as the fulfillment of their interests, and it is possible only if we leave our selfishness behind.

Ditch Backbiting

Backbiting is the worst enemy. You may enjoy it and really find nothing wrong with it. But the reality is it is your worst enemy, it will bring you bad karmas and also push you to extremes says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.