This is Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan’s message to his followers. As a clock is balanced always when it is showing the time 10:10. So we need to balance out everything in life and stay happy and healthy says the rockstar Saint with more than 4 million followers in youth bracket.

In the time of education and the tough competition, happiness in children's life is lost somewhere. Let's check some special remedies, which will be welcomed in the life of the youngsters to stay happy and healthy in their growing years.

When at home:

Spend more time with your family. Have a good sense of equanimity towards all those who meet. Elders should focus on eating food with your children instead of eating alone,. Help each other at times of trouble. Instead of being bored, play together with everyone.

Music: Try to increase your interest in listening to music. Make your friends and listen to good music. Also play music instruments like guitar, flute Hearing it with listening to your favorite song. Favorite music will give you a pleasant feeling. For this, Baba Ram Rahim Ji himself has composed hundreds of songs which are a perfect fusion of pop and Indie music along with the right lyrics to lift your spirits.

Be Sporty

lay indoor and outdoor games for good health. Join other kids' groups of your age. Do not follow the way others live behind the screens. Just stay as you are.

Spend time in social service

Get used to working closely with others. Volunteer time in an old age center or better still feeding the needy and teaching the ones deprived of this basic necessity. Baba Ram Rahim JI has even created Teenage warrior force where teenagers are taught to pitch in crisis situations.

Enjoy Life:

Travel the world and know how beautiful it is. Observe the sunset, flowers, and water flowing. See green trees. This will provide comfort to the eyes. Be happy and be a part of this beautiful world. Take some good photographs, which will remind you of pleasant moments during the sadness.

Healthy Diet

Take healthy diets to maintain disease-resistant capacity and build better immunity. Mediation works best, along with healthy diet towards better spiritual health and increases will power and boost you with loads of confidence says Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.