Have you experienced the soul-soothing chirping of birds on the roof of your house or outside the window? You definitely have experienced it. While listening to them just close your eyes, and you will feel lightened from all the burdens of daily humdrum. Yes, it’s true! But have you noticed that these species are at threat of extinction? Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim has realized the masses about the threat and stimuli them for instant action. So, what’s that threat and how could we as human being gives our part to overcome it? Let’s know about it!

Are birds facing any threat?

Unfortunately, yes! The greed of today’s men has put the lives of other species on extinction. The resources have given rise to pollution and have disregarded the environment in a number of ways. The activities leading to pollution have made it quite difficult for the birds to survive. So they are directly facing the threat in the face of human beings.

Secondly, the increasing heat has not spared anyone, be it human beings, animals or birds. All need proper access to water so that they can beat the heat easily and can survive. Human beings still can have access to it in one way or another, but have you ever think about the birds who wander here & there just to get a few drops of water and dies because they don’t approach it in any way.

These lurking threats are leaving really a bad impact on the lives of birds at large. In the lack of water and food, they are continually getting eclipse from the earth and don’t find their base to live life.

Why there’s a need to save Birds?

Birds are a lovely creature of God who can even bring you out of depression and other disorders simply with their chirping. They play a great role in keeping the environment in order and are a big reason behind the growth of trees as pollination of seeds done by them specifically results in more trees. Despite all this, if you simply behold them continually, you really get peace of mind right away.

A Clarion call from Saint MSG!

Saint MSG is a renowned philanthropist and you probably have heard about the ways he usually unfurls humanity and turned out as a blessing in millions of lives. His melting heart has done the same for the birds as well. Now, people at large are feeding birds on their roofs by making arrangement of water and food out there.

Guruji stressed upon the importance of birds nurturing and addressed the devotees to assuredly keep a place for birds feeding and avail them the food and water regularly there. In this way, they can get rid of sweltering heat and can save their lives which might be lost in the lack of water and food.

The Largest Bird Nurturing Mosiac!

With the same agenda, Saint Baba Ram Rahim has given a message of bird nurturing in the way of making the largest mosaic ever.

With the guidance of Saint MSG, Dera Sacha Sauda has registered its name in world records for several times. In this field as well, to deliver the message of bird nurturing on a large scale, the volunteers made ‘Largest Birds Nurturing Mosiac’ which has turned out as the world’s biggest mosaic. This was exclusively created to deliver the message of the importance of birds and how humans can play an important role in saving them. For its creation, several types of pulses have been used.

Despite this, even the entrance of the Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa has brought this message with a welcome on one side and a portrait of birds nurturing on the other side, giving a clear message that it's our responsibility to feed the birds and let them live their life span peacefully.
Will you start this noble cause from today onwards? Do share with us your opinions and views regarding it. Thank You!