Fake people are everywhere despite the streams like the business world, student life, parties and even in spiritualism. Even in spiritualism, you can find such a wide array of these double-faced people that you haven’t ever imagined. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aware the masses to stay aware of these people who can bluff you and bring heavy losses in your life.

Being a social animal, human get influenced by surrounded people quite often and share his secrets, his interest areas, feelings, experiences and these fake people take its benefits and cheat them. They fall prey to these double-faced people who take away the money and other valuables from them. Spirituality is not spare of these things. Then how could one feel safe of itself from them? Before finding ways to protect, you must know about how could you recognize them?

How to Recognize Fake People in Spirituality?

Spirituality is a very deep concept and none can easily reach its depth until they become capable of it apparently. This is quite difficult to detect that this person is fake! There’s no signboard on their forehead depicting their loyalty or cheating behavior. You have to extract reality by yourself only. Comparing other areas, in spirituality, gauging the real intentions of people is more difficult.

Just think, if one person comes to you, stays with you for a long time, you start talking each other and then while sharing words, he suddenly says God comes to him regularly and give him His pious glimpse. Will you deny him? No! because this is the situation that might or might not have occurred, we can’t judge people that they can’t get a glimpse of God because God can give His divine glimpse to anyone, who has become capable of it.

So, you can’t say he is right or wrong and have to believe in his words. According to Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, if anyone says you that God has come to his/her dream and told that you are his sister or brother and instructed to take care of you, then that person is lying completely.

God never ever will instruct anyone to build materialistic relationships and will never direct people to take care of another person. God will guide you to excel in humanity and spiritualism and will not let you get clutched in materialistic relations this world which will grip you so tightly that you will not find a way to spiritualism.

Now, the question is why people do this? Their agenda is to fleece people abundantly. By saying such words, these fake people win the trust of another and defraud them by taking their money or other valuables from their lives. So, the main agenda relies on making you fool and fleece you so that they can pass on their life easily thereafter.

How to Deal with them?

  • The urgent need is to stay aware and active.
  • Don’t believe anyone who is getting friendly with you. There would surely be an agenda behind this attitude.
  • Limit down your interaction with them and keep a distance.
  • Don’t overreact for their over-clever behavior. Stay calm and make them understand that you will not get encased in their buttery words.
  • Aware all others so that the naive can’t get affected by it and face the uncertainties further.
  • Become aware of all the circumstances that people might use to fleece you. Stay aware and don’t feel low.
  • Remember God, do meditation and you will get power to recognize the fake people for sure. 

“Rehna Mast Te Hona Hoshiyaar Chahida”

Guruji guides the masses to stay delighted in God’s grace but stay active too, so that none other can cheat you in any case.

So, its all upon you, how do you deal with them. If you have recognized these ones, they never fall prey to it. Be active in spiritualism!