Ghost is the name that scares everyone, no matter how strong he is. People usually find them helpless when they hear the word, ‘Ghost’. Despite age, gender, these ghosts have not spared anyone from its threat. But do they really exist? If so, then how could you get relief or can save yourself from it? Luckily, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has put light on this concept and clarified everything in deep.

Amidst all these myths and even challenges of people who say the ghosts really exist, Saint Baba Ram Rahim has evident the facts that they DON’T! There are no ghosts or even their shadow. You just think, if ghosts really exist and they can easily enter in anyone’s body and come out of it any time then it means their role is even greater than od who is the creator of everything we see and even we can’t see. Just think about it. can this happen? No! A big no. There’s no one greater than God and ghosts can’t exist on the earth.
Where do the ghosts actually, exist?
Guruji says it with a challenge that there’s no ghost or like things on the earth. The entire planet is safe from these. Yes, ghosts exist but not on the earth, they are present in another spiritual realm. As per Guruji, the souls who always do wrong with others in their lifetime and have done unfaired tasks or bad karmas, those get punished by the Almighty in other spiritual realm and they take the form of ghosts. They bear massive pan, harshness, get cut by swords several times and then again take the same shape and face the same agony again and again and live in immense darkness with no trace of light in lakhs of kilometers. They are just supposed to face their punishments for bad karmas they have done on the earth.
But they can’t ever come back to earth, they just get their punishment there and can’t return to the earth in any circumstance. Or even you an say they are locked up in those places.
Why do people see ghosts and what’s the remedy available to get rid of it?
You probably have heard people saying that they have seen ghosts, they are experiencing unusual things in their life and this might be the act of ghost and many more instances you probably have witnessed. Then the question arises here is if ghosts don’t exist, then who do people actually see ghosts? What’s the reason behind this thinking?

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has elaborated this in deep and clarified that its all the mental situation that let us believe in unusual things or people who don’t actually exist. It doesn’t mean you are mentally disturbed, no, nothing like that. It’s just about awareness. If you are aware that ghosts don’t exist then no one can fool you. He further said that if you are finding usual things happening around you then that might be the acts of people who don’t want to see you happy.
One more thing you probably have noticed that ghosts enter mostly into uneducated people or people of undeveloped areas, the reason is same, unawareness. Guruji says in a fun way that if ghosts really want to get into the body, then why don’t they enter rich or millennium, people and enjoy breakfast in one country, lunch in another and dinner in another? They will literally enjoy. Why do they enter into those who don’t have bread to eat for even one time of the day? So, unawareness is manes and nothing else.
For this, Guruji recommends taking medicine from doctors because it can also happen because of some other issues that people start believing that they see ghosts or ghosts have entered in their body to control their actions.
If you are still worried then just take method of meditation From Guruji and recite it continually. You will never feel yourself in trouble and no negative power or ghosts can trouble you at all. Even you will turn out as strongest one than ever before and your capability to think wisely will augment.
So, it’s quite clear that no ghosts exist on earth and no one can make you fool for this. Just believe in yourself and don’t let others make use of your honesty and sincerity by threatening you in the face of ghosts. Saint MSG guarantees for this and you can live satisfactorily for sure.