You might have heard about the relation of spiritual life with vegetarianism. Is it true that veg food can prove as a booster for your spiritual life? Well, apparently yes! According to Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, veg foods elevate the positivity and stabilize the mind to a large extent, which indirectly has a great bearing in spiritual life. So, let’s know in deep why you should be a vegetarian in your health and spiritual perspectives.

Why go vegan? This is the most common question that every non-vegetarian generally asks about. But do you know, you can make yourself safe to a great extent from upcoming health issues without any medicine or hospital charges? Yes, you can do so by resorting to vegetarianism. Non-Veg food takes you to the extinction of harmful effects and results in the face of innumerable diseases. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan supports vegetarianism and has enunciated plethora of privileges that one can bag after having it. As per Guruji, even our body has been designed by nature in a way to eat vegetarian food alone. Can’t believe us? Go through the quick facts regarding it.

Vegetarian Food

Does the human body support non-Veg? Get the quick facts here!

Human beings and vegetarian animals have longer intestines contrasting to carnivores that carry small intestines.

The large intestines mean the longer time period of food getting digested, which turns out as dangerous if you are eating non-veg. Eating meat means the least possibilities of quick digestion. The reason is it stays in the intestines for a long time span which creates toxins and harmful chemicals. These toxins consist of an array of diseases like liver problems, cancer, heart issues, adversely impact kidney leading to kidney destroy, piles, chronic constipation, and many other related issues.

The shape of the nails is another point of distinction. The nails of non-vegetarian animals are exclusively designed with excessive sharpness that enough to tear the skin of other animals to eat them. But humans and vegetarian animals don’t have such types of nails.

Another point is our teeth and construction of mouth. The jaws and design of teeth also make a difference. Carnivores’ mouth construction, especially their jaws are made to chew meat easily and even tear it which the humans and vegetarian animals don’t carry. Moreover, non-vegetarian can move both the jaws, upper & lower; however, vegetarians can move only one jaw.

So, the complete human body construction favors vegetarian food only. Non-vegetarian food will not let you spare the abundance of health issues.

How is vegetarian food helpful in spirituality?

Everyone is a creature of God. If you eat animals or any of His creatures, then how could God will be happy for you? He will never be! By eating non-veg, the entire God’s race is taken away from you. Let’s take your example, how would you feel or treat a person who kills your child and even eat it up? The emotions of anger will outburst to kill that guy or take revenge from him, right? Then what are you doing? You are also killing doing the same, then how could you expect his grace in your favor? It can’t be!

This is the reason that in spirituality, you lack far behind. Baba Ram Rahim urges to eat vegetarian food ONLY. Our religions have a mention about this food as it harnesses the emotions and thoughts to a large extent which are necessary to grow spiritually. Vegetarianism saves people from negativity and wrongdoings which makes them paralyzed in the spiritual world and thus don’t let them grow thereafter.

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan encourages the masses to become vegan as vegetarian food contains innumerable health benefits with an abundance of proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. There’s a big myth about powers of non-vegetarian food. People think, only non-veg can make them able to face any adverse situation and make them sturdy to beat anyone. This is not so! The protein, minerals, etc. that you find in vegetarian food are much more than non-veg. Just see, the elephant is a pure vegetarian. Can you compete it or any carnivore? No! Similarly, Rhino, horse and many other animals are known for their speed and strength are vegetarian. So, this is pointless that non-veg food gives you power.

So, go vegan and strengthen your materialistic as well as spiritual life. Believe us; you will live a healthy spiritual life thereafter.


  1. Amazing Thoughtss I m also a vegetarian
    but I have 1 question my Cristian friends argues that in bible, no where it is written that we cannot eat non veg
    so according to them we can eat non veg as Jesus Crist also ate non-veg.
    plz give reply to my question
    as i m in trouble