You are a poor man; use these hundred rupees for your work. Although the man did not want to take the hundred rupees given by the rev. Shahan Shah Ji, the kind father gave him the confidence- 'Bhai, you Do not fear now. We are giving you these rupees (hundred rupees) back from your leave that you have to spend in housework.

The Premi of Sardar Banta Singh Maharajaka village, Jalalana Sahib describes the true Master’s grace in the wonderful very caring-loving incident. The incident is approximate in the year 1962. In a written statement, Banta Singh Ji said that one day I went to the house of a serie-Sanjhi of the revered Father. The man had borrowed a few rupees from the Param Pita (before he came on a guragaddi in Dera Sacha Sauda) and he did not return back. Respected Shahan Shah Ji came to Dera.

I asked the person to return the money to the lender with the pious Father, that. That man really turned back on his words and said, a pie to is not outstanding on my side.His dishonest mind had provoked him to refuse to pay back what any other person had to know in the royal family, would say that I had given it.

Premi said that about two years after that, in 1962, that man (the series-fellow servant) came to our house one day. He was in a lot of trouble as if he had a heavy burden on his mind. He started to say very deeply that Chatara Singh comes with me to Dera Sacha Sauda.

I told him what the matter is. I told him that no matter I will come in a day or two. No, brother, today and just have to go today. And he told the incident of last night. That the night I told you that I do not have to give a pie to the ultimate father, respected Beparwah, Mastana Ji Maharaj, appeared and gave me a lot of trouble, beat me a lot! These are only a few rupees?

If you do not return the money today, then again such things will happen that you will not be able to live. If you do not return the money today then do it tomorrow. I have brought money. And taking him with me, I reached Dera. By following the orders of the master, we meet the revered Father resp. Shahan Shah Ji, and said, I borrowed five hundred rupees from you; he came to give the money.

The true Master told that brother, 'Brother, we do not even ask for money from you. The brother tended an apology, the true Master.

He took out five hundred rupees from his pocket and kept it on the sacred stage of Pujya Shahan Shan Ji and politely requested, Baba Ji handle this money, seeing this, the merciful Master saw his hundred rupees Raising the brother back, he said, 'You are a poor man, these hundred rupees use in your work. Although the man did not want to take a hundred rupees given by Shahan Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj.

He was scared that by giving money, again Guru Ji will come to beat me. Master said 'Bhai, do not be afraid now. We apologize to you for beparwah Ji’s beating last night. We are giving you these rupees (hundred rupees) back that you can spend in your work. 'And remaining four hundred rupees I deposited to the Dera Sacha Sauda manager, as per the order of Shahan Shah Ji.

In this way, true mentor Mastana Ji Maharaj persuaded the person to earn his due to the earning of Resp Param Pita Puja and forced the person to return to him by returning it back and showing his kindness and forgiveness. This way he made sure, he understood the importance of earning through hard work.