NASA had asked the affected countries to be cautious about the fonie storm. Storms create havoc world over. Since last 2, 3 years, these storms have been a common affair, globally. The people of the coastal areas are moved to safety, based on technological forecasts but nevertheless, the scale of destruction is huge in terms of property, infrastructure, etc. With Fonie storm hitting Orissa and neighborhoods, the govt. was ready to tackle the situation. Hurricane has wreaked havoc in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and West Bengal, from where the administration has given the news of the death of dozens. This loss of lives is really painful and high time we take our responsibility for our planet seriously warns Baba Ram Rahim Ji. A lot of the initiatives started by Dera Sacha Sauda are geared towards environmental protection. Cyclones are the worst form of imbalances created by humans.

The speed of the fonie storm was much more than the other storms. Fonie has been described as the most dangerous. Because phoni is an actually a snake which is usually found in Bengal. The name of this storm was therefore named by the Bangladesh Government as fonie. In the last three and four days, this storm has wreaked havoc in Bangladesh. There was more damage in Bangladesh than in other countries. All countries are united in the face of the storm. The cyclonic storm is showing its worst impact in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Therefore, these countries are constantly in touch with each other. Disaster teams are constantly assessing the speed of the storm.

There has been a lot of loss in Odisha, but no such situation will arise, nor there any hindrance in the relief. The Model Code of Conduct for the Lok Sabha elections had been lifted the face of the storm. At present, the state government is fully prepared from the center. Because the first cyclonic storm created a lot of enthusiasm in Odisha. According to official statistics, ruined crores of property is affected in Puri, Bhubaneswar. So far, the news of thirteen deaths and more than two and a half hundred are reported to be affected. After scathing in Odisha, Phoney entered Bengal.

According to NASA, the Fonie is a tropical storm, which has originated because of human intervention. Humans are constantly tearing the forests, rivers, oceans. It can be speculated that the cyclonic storm is the result of flirting with nature. The whole world is groaning with the ultimate exploitation of the earth. After human tampering with the earth, the possibilities of natural disasters have increased. To safeguard human life, to save human life, it will have to be abandoned by nature with immediate effect; otherwise, human life cannot be imagined in the future.

Actually, tropical storms are known by different names. The series of storm names was started in 1953. Most of the names of storms have been kept in the name of women. Significantly, any cyclonic storm is named after the speed of its running speed of 60 to 70 kilometers per hour. For example, when the speed of the storm is hundred or more, the storm is called a severe cyclonic storm. At the same time, if the speed of the other storm is more than 200 Kmph then it is called the super cyclone. The current Fonie Hurricane has been considered in this category. Another protocol is followed for the storm for each country. Actually, the name of the storm is kept by the country where the storm is born. This one started in Bangladesh, so they just named the storm. Here Hurricane Speed ​​was clocked at 1.5 km so it is classified as Super Cyclone.

But there is also a fact that all human efforts in front of natural disasters are dwarfish. Nobody just walks on the rooftop nature of nature. Nature is ever mighty and has been created as an ultimate balance and playing with this balance can have drastic effects on the climate as has been seen from time to time. That is why cutting trees are the worst for human nature balance and planting more and more trees can work towards the restoration of this balance says Rev. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and that is the reason millions for trees are planted by the followers fo Dera Sacha Sauda every year.