Who doesn’t want to remain fit? But the problem that people genuinely face is hectic & tight schedules not permitting them to exercise, elongate sitting, unhealthy eating habits, obesity, junk food, and many more related issues. They face these difficulties and find it impossible to remain in shape and live a healthy life.

Relax! Staying fit is not this much difficult as you are considering it. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has given a foolproof way to stay always fit. By giving just ten minutes of your daily schedule you can stay fit and strong and keep yourself at bay from all the diseases. So, want to know that fitness mantra? Just read this write-up till the end.

How do you keep your body fresh and active?

Exercise is key to good health and you should never avoid it. Exercise is the right way to keep your mind and body healthy always. St. MSG recommends exercising just for ten minutes if you have an excessive shortage of time. These ten minutes, you are supposed to spend on exercise with meditation and you will soon see the difference in your mind, body and even thoughts after adopting such a healthy practice.

What food do you eat?

You might think, what’s this silly question. But believe us, even by spending long hours on exercising; you might get encased in diseases because of an unhealthy diet. So, it's quite a worthy question.

Firstly expels out junk food, excessive oily food completely from your food menu. You can’t afford to take your health at risk by having it. Despite this, if you are not eating junk food in your daily routine, even then you can put your health towards extinction. Wondering, how? These are spices! Yes, spices can impact adversely on your health so St. MSG recommends all to avoid it completely.

How do you eat and drink?

Again, you will find it illogical to ask. But the way you eat and drink liquid considerably impacts on your health. Baba Ram Rahim Guru recommends that one should chew water and drink the food. Confused? Let us explain.

Chew water here mean to not to gulp it all at once, instead take it to sip by sip, slowly and also by chewing so that any hard particle or unnecessary element can’t get into your body. Similarly, drink solids mean to chew it to the extent that you find it completely liquid which is excellent for better digestion. Now, finding it logical, right?

Do you take a peaceful nap?

As per Baba Ram Rahim, one should sleep for a sufficient time period because the body repairs itself while you take a nap. If you don’t do so then you will feel yourself tired, inactive and even a number of diseases can also attack you. But this doesn’t mean you will sleep all day long. A peaceful sleep of five to six hours is enough for the entire day.

Do you keep fast?

Fasting is not just concerned with the religious aspect, but it also has an impact on your health. Yes, fasting is necessary for your body. Fasting once in every week can give numerous benefits and rest to your digestive system. As per Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, fasting means remaining on warm water for all the day long without eating anything and open it by taking light and less food. Fasting is a great way to keep your body healthy, but the condition is, you don’t eat for the entire day and take just warm water. Besides this, if you meditate then the chances of getting positive outcomes to enhance to a great extent.

Some world-class health tips by Saint MSG:
   Don’t take stale tea because with the passage of time or say even after half an hour, it becomes poisonous and fatal your health.

·     After waking up in the morning, drink one or two glasses of water without rinsing your mouth. The saliva gathered in the mouth is quite beneficial for health so get it into your body by having one or two glasses of water.
      Take light food. Eat more fruits and salad for better health.
     People who work for long hours and do the sitting job should do Dhanurasan and Bhujangasan on a  regular basis.
     Last but not least, the best tip by MSG is meditation. Meditation calms down your body, mind, heart, and thoughts and doesn’t let you feel anxiety and adversities in health and daily routine.

So, How Do You Find These Tips and Health Mantra? Do share your experience with us.