Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that if the human being does not get the true and perfect Murshid-e- Kamil then he is unable to gain access to those stages in spiritualism and goodness which are his dues. But if he goes under the shelter of a true and perfect saint- mendicant and act upon his sermons then Om, Hari, Allah Wahe guru can begin to show him his kind vision in each and every speck and grain of the world.

Saint Ram Rahim

Just as in school, colleges if no teachers or lecturers are there then the student cannot enhance in studies. If parents do not guide a child then it cannot learn to walk. Therefore the necessity of a guide is must at every place. Revered Guru Ji said further that during beginning parents, brothers-sisters are child’s guide. As soon as he grows up then his friends-companions become his guide. When the child joins the school, his teachers-lecturers become his guide. People think that the child learns better in English school. But this is the fact that if someone teaches the child in spiritualism and humanity then in spite of learning in a small school, he can become a good human being. Therefore teachers are required to teach the students in not only the worldly education but in spiritualism as well.

But the schools of today teach for earning money only and education has also turned into business these days. Nobody cares to check whether the child will become a good citizen with good culture, character, and qualities or not. Nobody goes in large schools to find whether the education of humanity is being imparted there or not and the children are being molded morally into a good human being or not? Lest he should become savage, man-eater or barbaric in the future... He may not start cutting the throats of others in lieu of a few bank notes. He may not become the epitome of haughtiness and ill will.

Respected Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that many big officers, employees, businessmen, and petty poor persons were found to be quite good and nice persons. Some of them are very fine gentlemen. They possess humility, meekness, while others are very proud as well. Those proud persons show themselves automatically that they do not possess good culture, proper education, and good manners, and hence are haughty.

Those who are humble and soft-spoken, prove that they are well educated or have received good values, or have been guided by some nice fellow. If a man adopts service-sumrin, meditation-prayers have self-confidence, may act upon the guidance of saints-mendicants then he can succeed in changing his habits, otherwise, it is very tough to shun them. Therefore whosoever has got perfect Guru, Peer, Murshid-e- Kamil, his deeds and luck can never be bad. Keep watch over your deeds, do not speak bitterly with others, and do not tease the heart of others. Go on praying to the Master. The Master will surely do well to you.