Don’t you wonder on the benevolence of God? Why does He help everyone and bring out the person from all the troublesome situations? What’s His purpose? What does He expect from us? Is there any way to pay back to Him? Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has answered all these questions in a satisfactory way. Just go through it:

In this busy life, it's quite distressing that people get indulged in demanding materialistic things from God, but don’t ever think about His fees. Even they don’t get a single thought that they should pay back the one who is readily available to pick them from the most bewildering situation. The self-centered people have forgotten it altogether and stay busy in demanding from God. If they don’t get as per their wish when they don’t take a second to blame Him.

Now take a look at the man’s situation when he gives something to someone, then firstly his focus remains on consideration for his services delivered and then deliver his services to the second person. Compare it with God, who just gives you and bless you abundantly, still doesn’t demand anything in return. Isn’t it strange?

Can God’s Mercies and Benevolence Be Paid Back?

God doesn’t ever ask for something in return of His mercies on mankind, though, but we can surely pay back Him. Now you will think, what do I have that can equalize the grace of God? His kindness can’t be compared with materialistic things, then how could I return all that goodness that He has showered upon me? Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has suggested brilliant ways that although don’t pay back exactly what Glod has given us, can surely do a bit in paying gratitude to God for everything that he has showered upon us.

What is The Way to Repay the Unconditional Love of God?

Yes, we can’t directly repay God’s blessings, but regular gratitude to God for whatever He has blessed you in your life really serves the purpose. Here are the ways:

         Regular Meditation

Meditation is an ultimate way to pay homage to God for all the benevolence. The more you stay thankful, the more will you become capable of attaining God’s grace. Regular meditation means remembrance of God and if you remember him and devote your breathes in the recitation of His words then He invariably remembers you & let you live happily. So, the first and most effective formula suggested by Saint Dr. MSG, of repaying God is to remember Him, recite His words and pay gratitude by heart.

·      Make Kindness Your Companion

The more you stay kind with God’s creatures, the more will you attain His grace and indirectly you will repay God for His kindness upon you. if you love God but not His creatures & don’t pay heed to needy either its animal, bird or human or anything, then you will surely spare yourself from His love one day. So, be kind and love each of His creatures to pay him back.

     Pure Devotion

Your devotion towards God must be pure and free from any demands. When you start praying God to get Him and not to get the things created by Him, then God will be extremely happy with you and will bless you abundantly. God just wants your pure intentions, free from fakeness. So, be original and love Him genuinely. 

These ways are a fraction of God’s grace showered upon you. If you adopt these in your routine, then you will surely become capable of consistent grace of God. Saint MSG usually says that even the whole body is cut down in small pieces, you can’t pay the Lord back for the love He has bestowed. And if you think, you will repay this debt with materialistic things then also you can’t do so as all that you have is because of His grace only.

So, don’t be egoistic ever in life that you have touched the peaks because of this success, wealth, health, everything is God’s grace. Be thankful for every blessed moment you have and make God an important part of your life to pay Him back.