Rare are the people who are safe from this slow poison, jealousy. Today, jealousy has attacked the core of relationships and not just the outer world, but even residing in the homes are jealous of each other. It brings the relations to the edge of extinct and doesn’t let people grow and go with their heart.

It's not about age or level or even gender, jealousy can affect anyone anytime. Either its games, studies or any sort of materialistic or even spiritual stuff, there are no limits on jealousy. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has put light on this jealousy factor and suggested a reliable way to tame it completely.

Jealousy is a Disease, Killing People Thoroughly!

According to Guruji, “Jealousy is a scissor that cuts out the love and affection from the relations”. The menace of jealousy is very hazardous. When people start burning themselves in then they don’t ever think of others and start losing their concerns and love from life. It’s just like a disease which is eating humans slowly and people don’t have an antibiotic to stop it anyhow.

Jealousy Side-Effects!

Jealousy is not just responsible for bad thoughts, but it impacts the person extensively and his/her surrounded environment. The jealous the person doesn’t ever see the goodness of others and the efforts they have made for him but just get burnt from inside by watching others who are getting equal or superior services than him.

As its side effects, his actions also get affected adversely. His behavior towards his loved ones also turn out as dangerous and people surrounding him start keeping a distance and avoiding him. He turns out as a brown noser who praises people in their front and after that backbite about their success and accomplishments.   

Have You Taken It’s AntiBiotic?

Antibiotic for jealousy? Yes, you read it right. There is an antibiotic to remove this disease suggested by Baba Ram Rahim and that one is ‘Method of Meditation’. But how ‘Dhyana’ can actually do it?

Well, the reason is simple, Dhyana will control your instincts to a great extent and don’t let it navigate you towards negativity and jealousy. With the continuous recitation of the method of meditation, you will be easily able to control your senses and start observing good things in others. By beholding positive aspects, you will not get jealous, instead, appreciate the person for it and pray from God for the success of all. See, how miraculously it changes the entire mindset of a person.

How Does It Affect In The Path of Spirituality?

Jealousy digs a big hole in the path of spirituality and the related person faces a big backfire when he resorts to it. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has enunciated its impact as, if one becomes jealous of another then the devotion comes down. His love for the lord and all the earlier meditation lowers down and the distance from God widens inevitably.
As per Saint Ji,
“Lakdijalkoylabhayi, koylajalbhayoraakh,
Irshyanafratmeininsaanaisajalo, nakoylabhayonaraakh”

This means when the wood is set to fire, then it turns into coal which further becomes ash. But the person who is jealous of others doesn’t become coals or ashes, instead, he gets smoldered from inside and never gets relief for a single second. Besides facing backfire from others, the jealous the person gets no prestigious position which hurts him to the core but he never comes out of this and change behavior.

So, the method of meditation becomes imperative to put a full stop on this jealousy factor. It brings positivity among people and let them overcome this issue entirely by bringing extreme positivity in heart and mind.

Let’s pledge to burn this poison instead of burning yourself with the best way, reciting God’s words.