Birthdays are always special and second to none other days. People plan a lot of things to carry on their birthdays and make every single thing to make it special. Usually, a cake, friends’ squad, and a glittering party has become a ritual to celebrate a birthday. Don’t you want to make it extra special by doing unique chores? Saint Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has suggested a very unique and meaningful way to celebrate this special day of your life. Let's get into, what it actually is.

Guru Ji has one with a better plan and that one is ‘Tree Plantation’. For many of you, it might seem awkward to plant a tree on birthdays, like why you need to do so when you already have a big birthday bash or have planning get-togethers and outings with your friends. Then why you should do it? Believe me, when you actually come to know about the essence of it, you will definitely adopt it in your life.

Why Planting Must Be A Part of Your Birthday?

Planting trees is not a new concept though, but its significance on your birthday is literally high. As per Saint Dr. MSG, by planting, you nourish a new life which, besides augmenting the freshness, loves & appealing cosmos, also promise you to stay by your side in every walk of life. No matter what tough situation you might face, there may be a situation that your loved ones leave you, but that plant which you nourish regularly will never ever betray you. 

This is a perfect way to pay back to the society where you took birth and has been raised with so much love, respect, and care. Planting one sapling is quite an applauding task which doesn’t just please you when you actually do it, but also fills your heart with excitement and joy whenever you behold that plant. It’s like a memory which always reminds you that you have planted a tree on your special day and given this treasure to the society.

Birthday Greetings

Not just the way to celebrate your birthday, but Saint MSG has navigated people to the right way to greet people who wish you. The family members are the closest ones. As per Guru Ji, when one member takes birth in the family, then he/she alone doesn’t get birth, but in the family every other relation takes birth. With the birth of a baby, every family member gets a unique role in the family, like, brother, sister, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. So, with your birth, a lot many other relations also took birth simultaneously. So, you should greet them also, by saying ‘Happy Birthday’.

This means, the one who wishes you, suppose, your grandma wishes you, then say happy birthday grandma as well, this will strengthen the bond of love more than before.

So, how do you find this way of celebrating a birthday? It will not just make you happy, but every year, your bond of love with your loved ones will get stronger. How will you celebrate your birthday? Do share your views with us.