Respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan while explaining the Bhajan of Sat Sang namely;--

Naam se jisne payar kiya, janam ka udhdhar kiya |

Naam n liya jis bande ne kuchh n kiya, kuchh bhi n kiya | |    

That it is the foremost duty of a person to get up early in the morning and recite Guru Mantra for an hour or half, and thus remember the Almighty. The second duty is to love the creations of Prabhu selflessly. Never hurt the heart of any living being. The 3rd big duty of a person is to earn its living through hard work and fair means.

Avoid cheating, forgery, dishonesty, corrupt means and bribery like evils. As per religious scriptures, the first duty of a person is to remember one’s Master. But people remember the Master only at the time of need. If you remember him during happy time then the possibility of pain will never occur. These are the sayings of saints and always remain established everything is liable to change but the words of saints are firm and executed word by word. Attacking the tendency of turning meditation as a show business.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that those who are regular devotees of Ram Naam are quite less in numbers while most others are showman only. If God is remembered with true emotions and longings earnestly then all the grievances are liable to be solved easily. His Highness said further that the second duty of a person is to love the issues of the Master selflessly. People of this category are also limited in numbers.

If you are having an esteemed position then everybody will like to come closer to you. If no such prestige is being enjoyed by you then none will come forward even to talk to you. Religions profess love among each other. God has made everybody as quite equal. Everybody possesses the same blood running in their veins then why the contempt is shown for others? Religions advocate for avoiding harsh words to others because they inflict bad consequences. The 3rd duty of a person as per our religious scriptures is to earn by the dint of hard work and truthful means. Such persons are found thinly in these days of Kalyuga.  Mostly men are cheats, thieves or dishonest. Corruption, bribery, is on the rise day by day.

Respected Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan further says that the persons of good conduct are still found in the world and the root of humanity is still intact. If our saints, recluses, seers would have not come then this much humanity would have not survived. It is just due to them that some persons of good conduct are seen otherwise the savageness might have increased. If human being agrees to follow the teachings of saints then he can avoid cheating theft and forgery. This can only be possible if the sermons of saints are put in practice. Those who are following the teachings are seen earning by dint of rightful and legitimated actions and are having the glow of the Master upon their faces. The dirty money absolves one from all peace and tranquility.

Respected Guru Ji says that these days disputes-quarrels, riots and tensions are on the rise rapidly. The reason for all these is the weakened soul. Man has grown weak in soul-power and his toleration power is on the wane. Man does not meditate - prays the Lord which is the feed of his soul. Due to this reason, the weakness of soul upsets internally.