On August 15, the incarnation of respected Guruji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is celebrated, by the Dera followers as a festival. Its celebration is unique. While celebrating this, the Dera devotees run a Mega Tree Plantation (Plantation) campaign in the country and abroad, which is a gift for rev. Guru Ji from them. This campaign is conducted every year with full enthusiasm..

Dera devotees reach the selected places for plantation in the morning and start planting the plants with utmost discipline. Last year, the devotees planted medicinal and fruit laying plants and gave the society the gift of cleanliness and prosperity. On the block level, duties of the responsibilities are assigned in different states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and others in the country.

Dera devotees plant all over in villages, villages, cities, cities, colleges, cremation grounds, religious places and roads along the roads and canals etc. Devotees in different countries of the country, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, USA, Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Nepal, England and other countries,  too conduct the the plantation of trees, and celebrate the incarnation day of Baba Ram Rahim Ji in a unique way.

According to one estimate, in the last five years, 9 lakh trees were cut in Punjab alone, whereas in Haryana, millions of trees were sacrificed. So this campaign of planting saw trees is continuing. With the introduction of new plants, greenery will return and the belt will be green again says Baba Ram Rahim Ji

Conversation with media as part of special coverage on this occasion: -

On the occasion of the inauguration of one such Plantation Campaign, the revered Guru JiSaint DrGurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsad said that the country got freedom today and today is our birthday. The followers told us that they want to gift us on our birthday. ... then we say that if you want to give a gift, give the gift of planting, so that the whole world gets benefitted. Today, under this plantation campaign, medicines and fruit plants are being planted all over the world so that the environment is clean and fruits can also be found. So far, 40.13 million, 31 thousand 75 plants have been planted, by dera devotees, of which about 76 percent of the plants are flourishing.

Celebrate your birthday with tree plantation says rev. Guru Ji

Guruji insisted that people celebrate their birthdays or celebrate their parents, then plant trees, and donate blood. On the occasion of happiness, if you plant trees, and do other welfare works, then the blessings of God will be found abundantly. If you add 100 relatives in marriage, then there will be 100 times the benefit. Instead of superstitions, let the true faith be raised, let humanity benefit. In the ashram, about 4-5 thousand plants have been planted which offer very good fruits.

Rather than spreading pollution from the bone ashes, the minerals present in them such as phosphorus and other chemicals help boost the environment when plants are planted on them and the environment is also clean. In the ashram the trees are not cut, but they are uprooted and shifted to another place in case of any shift required. St MSG Glorious International School is also working on connecting with small children as well as nature informed Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

Pick the right Brand Ambassador
While addressing the press, Guruji insisted that the brand ambassador should be made such people who themselves visit the masses and motivate them.

Regarding the plantation campaign run by Haryana Government on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of the State, Guruji Baba Ram Rahim Ji insisted that we are planting ourselves and we are ready to give support for all good work.