There seems spring-like season all round here, buds are spreading fragrance in the atmosphere. Such a rare scent is prevalent here as of nowhere else. Our Satguru is such a gardener who refurbishes even the dry and discarded flowers and makes them become fresh again. These words were spoken by respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Equating the Devotees to a flower bed respected Guru Ji says that this is a garden nourished by Param Pita Ji is his flower bed which contains flowers of various varieties designed in a colorful pattern and which is squandering fragrance of sweet scent all around the world and will continue to do so.
Saint Ram Rahim

Flower buds bloom when spring awakens them with its stroke. Similarly, the spring season has set in here as well. Buds are emitting fragrance. The heavenly light has brought such a scent here that it will never perish in both the worlds. A gardener prunes away the dry and rotten branches and throws rotten and decayed fruits out. But our gardener is an expert who revives even the rotten and decayed fruits and makes them fit for consumption again. If you act upon the words of such a true guide, the bestower sincerely then you shall gain the spring of such happiness in your life which will never suffer autumn. Otherwise, you will remain thirsty even at the edge of an ocean.
His Holiness says that Kalyuga is such a period when people think coming to Sat sang a little vapid like. But if one has to go for outings or some function, then one feels overjoyed and remain awake for the whole of the night while Sat sang seems bored. But one who comes to Sat sang once gains lapfuls of happiness and drops all the boredom away.
The cascade of spiritual happiness comes rarely and remains etched in the brain of the human being throughout his lifetime. Parties- functions are the occasions of temporary merriment and it is possible that one may taste beatings there as well. Because drunkards and meat eaters usually come down to mean behavior and are rewarded with beating service.
But on Sat sang one comes peacefully and goes back blissfully. Company affects anyone deeply. Commenting upon this issue His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that no parents impart wrong teachings to their children. They wish that their son may become a good and noble person on growing up. But some of them fall into bad company. We pray to the Master that the dirt of the minds of human beings is cleaned. People may start taking interest in Ram Naam and shun unpleasant things. These all will result in improving the society positively. These days belong to Kalyuga. Some children like the bad company more. They feel sitting for sumrin as illegal. The meditation of Allah, Master also seems illegal to them. To have the holy vision of some Saint seems boring to them. But going out to some pond with money, to deserted places jungles seems fine to them.
But still, some children are there upon whom we feel proud who proceed over the path directed by Sat Guru, the Bestower. In fact, only those are taking benefit of their youth. Natha Singh has written that one who can not sow during the youth, what will he reap in the old age? As much work as the desired result can be taken from one’s body during youthful days.      
Respected Guru Ji further says that the birth month of Murshid-e- Kamil Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj is going on and his birthday is close by. These merriments and gaiety which being felt visible all around are just a sample of the greatness of that Param Pita. Otherwise, the common man has forgotten even to laugh heartily during these days of Kalyuga grievances have surrounded a man so tightly that most men are serious. Only a few are prosperous. Those who are receiving the graces-kindness of Satguru, are enjoying, jumping and dancing. Otherwise what to think of dancing man seems struggling for even a word of happiness.