Revered Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that the Supreme Lord fills so souls with such bliss and ecstasy, which cannot be imagined. Such graces, such divine treasures have been arranged for the soul in human form, but the human being, under the influence of Maya, never sees these divine treasures.

His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that the blessings of the master can be received if the human beings follow the words of Gurus- Saints. They describe the method and that is to chant the name of God and to do good and serve God's creation selflessly. Think good, do good and pray for good. Those who do well to the creations of the Lord, do good to the owner- Lord HIMSELF.

So, in essence, God’s worship is also possible by, doing good to his people, this is one way to serve the master.

To oppress his creations is also torturing the Lord in a way.

You may find this tendency good for you, may make you feel powerful, etc. But this the feeling stays for a while, but when this phase is over, its sword runs its loom in such a manner, that you cannot sleep, cannot live in peace, cannot live nor die there is a sense of restlessness.

So Do not indulge in such acts that he Lord-Master is Angry with you

Do not indulge in distressing the helpless souls and you have to repent for the same, Sometimes even your generations may have to repay the cost. Always do good deeds to cut off the sins of countless births and be entitled to real happiness, infinite bliss. These karmas also keep you happy and pave way for your generations to come and what’s more, this is real happiness as opposed perceived happiness in possessing material richness. Earn such treasure of karmas that will never empty and instead keep on increasing with more and more expenditure and that treasure is earning God’s grace, his goodwill through acts of kindness and welfare says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. In fact, regular attendance of Satsang is a must of the soul to know the points of wisdom that will make you complete as a human being.