Son, do not panic, we are with you: - The reverence of the Holy Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan. Savitri Jagdish Rai Insan, son of the Sachkhandwara, describes the grace of Satguru from Shri Sham Lal Mansa city, District Manasa (Punjab).

On 14th August 1997, I reached Dera Sacha Sauda Shah Satnam Ji Dham Saras for visiting the supreme priest father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji. That night I rested in the ashram. That night when I was lying in a semi-awkward state, then Hajur Father appeared to me. At that time, He was sitting on the royal stage. In my father's life, I said that father, I have planned to build a house. Father promised to say that son is very happy, but on 02-09-97 you will suffer pain, do not panic, we are with you.
The next day, on August 15, I returned to my home. I told my father about all about last night. On September 2, 1997, at 2.00 am, a storm came, When I got up, my attention went to my older boy. He was stunned. One side of the boy had stopped altogether. When we were going to the doctor, his other side stopped on the way. His head was hanging down. I told my brother that this is over, let's go back. He started to say that let us visit the doctor at least. Seeing the patient, the doctor nodded in no. Upon our request, the doctor put the vaccine, etc. There was a reason for the vaccine, Satguru had already told that pain will come, do not panic.
By the morning the boy got all right The next day I took the boy and went to the Ashram in Sirsa. I met the dutiful volunteers and I met rev. Baba Ram Rahim Ji. At that time Father was meeting the devotees in Terawas. When the turn came, I stood up with the boy, told father everything. Pujya satguru ji promised that 'son, take the opinion of 2-4 doctors and give the pious Naam to the child, And as the holy father had promised, we followed the words of the Master, that child from that day has never been ill.
Satguru ji had made a terrible act of child vanish with his grace. We all know my child had died that day, his head was hanging lifeless, but now he is in front of our eyes, thanks to the immense grace of his holiness. I can not repay my Satguru's favors in any way. O Lord, blessed be blessed! Just be blessed, blessed.