India had cut the grip of British slavery successfully, but what about the clutches that it has put on itself? Yes, we are talking about the caste system which is still ruling over India and its people are its puppets that fulfill its purpose of destroying the country to the core. Every now & then the storm of news comes on our front witnessing the cruelty of people emerged out of the impression of the caste system. But when everything goes wrong and we can’t find its solution, then remember, Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is always here with its prominent solutions to save mankind.

Yes, Guruji’s solutions are unique and practical as well. The caste system is taking a dangerous shape which ultimately shaking the bedrock of society vehemently. Let’s get into what way Guruji has suggested for its sheer abolition.

The Extent of Caste Discrimination!

Can you think, this danger can take anyone’s life? For many, the caste system is just a common concept and they underestimate it to a great extent. But it’s dangerous shape is often overlooked by people. Turning towards the recent case that has shaken the entire nation and has also alarmed everyone that how dangerous could caste discrimination and assaulting be.

The nation has dipped into an agony of Dr. Payal’s suicide. Dr. Payal Tadvi was a doctor at BYL Nair Hospital, Mumbai. What was her mistake? Carrying a low caste tag is the biggest crime in the country and so-called high society people will always be there to punish you. The same has happened with Dr. Payal, who belonged to an Aadivaasi community. Just because of this reason, she was harassed immensely by her senior doctors and she couldn’t bear their words and committed suicide.

She was going through mental stress as her seniors harassed her that she will never be allowed in operation theatres and perform operations. How pity would her situation be when she was stopped from what she excelled at. Even a lot of complaints were done in the hospital, but she didn’t get any response from them and committed suicide.

This is one case, but in reality, countless people are suffering from this pain and facing a weird attitude of people who don’t let them live peacefully. Now you can imagine, the extent of caste discrimination. 

Her suicide gleans out the harshness and distressing reality of our nation where everyone doesn’t have equal rights to live life, where caste discrimination is at such heights that it forces a well-educated girl to commit suicide.

What’s the Right Way to Get Rid of This Problem?

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan often address people that there’s no caste system made by God. One can easily judge it by taking newly born babies and putting them togetherly at one place, you can’t ever judge their caste. Because they all will look alike to each other. It means God has sent them without making any discrimination at all. Then why we, as human beings are making it?
‘We are one and our master is one’

He has suggested the best way to get rid of these thoughts and that is the method of meditation. In spiritual congregations, he always navigates people to leave these issues and treat everyone equally. So the need and the solution is awareness about ill-impacts of caste discrimination.

Guru Ji awares the masses that they shouldn’t favor any discrimination at any cost. Method of meditation is the best way to finally get the relief as people can harness their own thoughts and will treat everyone as one. The castes, creeds have not been made by God. God has created human beings only, so those who create distressing situations on the name of God, are completely wrong and they must stop doing this nonsense or sure.

So, if all consider we all are the children of God and we all are equal, then surely the improvement in thinking and actions can be visualized.

It’s time to act and behave in the right way! It’s time to think and get progress on own thoughts! It’s time to treat everyone as human beings!

Castes demean the value of human beings. It’s time to cast it out, if you want to save mankind at