The love of Satguru is so effective that it grants everything to those who lose everything for it. Those persons who were the example of evil turned to be the most devoted persons due to the grace of the Master. Those houses which represented arena of fights-troubles, those persons who could not have a wink of sleep without wine, their houses find the Ganga of love flowing there now. These were the words says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Enumerating the benevolences of respected Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj His Holiness says that it is tough to count the graces extended by Satguru because those are increasing continuously. How that person whose life has been granted, can tell the grace received by him? Because except life, everything can be availed in the markets of the world. Satguru granted precious life without asking for it. The routine of graces of such a mentor is tremendous. As many thanks as possible fall short. The man never deceives his benefactor and then how the debts of that Master who has bestowed the life itself and filled his lap with the generosities of both the worlds can be indebted? Those who are firm in their belief today and were firm in their beliefs in the past enjoyed the graces-kindness of Satguru and will continue to do so in future as well because as and when the power of Kaal increases then the power of Dayal also increases manifold correspondingly.

Your Highness further says that during ancient days people used to sit in the trance of meditation without eating and drinking anything for years together. White ants used to make their heaps over their bodies. Birds used to make their nests in them. Bushes and wild vegetation used to grow all around. But now Satguru has turned everything too easy manners. If you resort to Sumiran while walking sitting and performing your daily chorus it will be accepted in the abode of the Lord and if you sit for an hour or a half in sumrin both in the morning –evening then the salvation of all your dynasties will be ensured in its consequences. Man must keep his thoughts under control because thoughts go on producing ceaselessly. When one becomes vacant of thoughts then there remains nothing inside except God. But when Master presents himself face to face then no other thoughts can penetrate in. His Holiness cited an example in this regard;--

Once Dhanna Bhakt saw that a pandit Ji was doing something in front of an idol of stone. He asked him about the activities done by him. Pandit Ji replied that it was the idol of worship. I offer meals to it first and then consume the same myself. Dhanna enquired what they are worthy of. Pandit Ji replied that he can perform every work. Upon this Dhanna demanded one for him. Pandit demanded a cow of best yield from him in return. Pandit gave him an idol with a broken nose and ears to him. Dhanna brought it home after touching it with his forehead.

He kept thick bread of millet and a jug full of whey in front of the idol and requested for eating them up. When there was no response, he declared, “If you will not eat then I will also not eat”  Thus some days went by, Dhanna got angry and taunted,” You like the Halwa Kheer Poodle of Pandit and not these large bread of mine but either you will eat or I shall die” Dhanna sat resolutely with crossed legs. He grew so upset and so much detachment came over him that tears welled from his eyes ceaselessly.

God took mercy and appeared in person in front of him. God said,” Dhanna open your eyes” Dhanna insisted,” First eat the bread!” The Master consumed the bread and said,” Dhanna your stale bread was very tasty”. Then all the works of Dhanna were taken over by the Master. A rumour circulated among the whole village society that all the works of Dhanna are being done by the Master himself. Pandit grew anxious and came to the fields of Dhanna for verification. Seeing him there Dhanna was very happy and told him that all of his jobs are being handled by the ‘Thakur’ himself. Pandit became dumbfounded to see that watering of fields and making of the threshold is happening automatically. When Pandit Ji asked whether he is seeing the Thakur? Dhanna replied,” Yes,” Pandit said that he was unable to see him why? And requested Dhanna to enquire the reason from ‘Thakur’ behind this. God told to Dhanna,” Oh Dhanna! Your love-detachment had reached to the extreme that is the way that I am being seen by you and not by him because the strap of hypocrisy is fixed over his eyes. He simply enacts a drama of love.

 It is recorded in history that Dhanna started bestowing Naam. That very Pandit was also initiated by him. In other words, if anyone yearns and craves for the Master, Allah Waheguru, Ram like Dhanna then he does all their works. This is happening even today If a human being, holds high courage and adopts carefree attitude against the remarks of others on the basis of sumrin, then the Master virtually remains a part of him every time and everywhere even 7oceans away. Just call him. He comes and grants every wish profusely.