Whatever saints speak are mostly spontaneous. If obeyed; these prove to be the change of fortune, leaving no scarcity of any type, otherwise one has to carry loads of his deeds himself says respected Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. 

Revered Guru Ji says just as if you have switched the bulb on, who knows when it will start burning because as and when power is supplied from the powerhouse it will begin to glow. Similarly, the switch of saints remains on forever, while worldly people make it on casually through sumrin. Due to this position, whenever the power is released from the powerhouse words begins to ooze out instantly. If the Sadh Sangat agrees upon those sermons then no shortage of any type will encounter them, otherwise, they will have to carry loads of their deeds upon their shoulders and suffer. 

If some person puts some questions to saints, and distorts their replies and argues,” No Sir! Not like this but like that” then those words do not belong to saints. Those are tailored words. Whosoever obeys them exactly as it is enjoying the bliss –tranquility surely.

Your Highness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that saints do not say words by seeing the questioner or analyzing the answers. The general emotions coming towards saints from Sadh Sangat in general, God gives their answers through saints. It is rare if any question needs to be asked during the Sat sang of Fauquier otherwise the answer of each question is delivered automatically. 

Such thoughts, which are running deep in your mind and no one knows about them except you. Saints reply them instantly and if you are the deep observer of spiritualism then you will come to know that those particular words were said about you. If quarry was good, keep mum even then, if it was a bad one, and saints have described it even then keep mum. Instead of opening it up to others repent with a true heart. It will open the gates of happiness instantly.  Saints always advise for the betterment of all of us and none for themselves. The words uttered by saints are priceless. 

These can turn mole into the hill, sky into the ground and ground into the sky in a single word if anyone may act upon their sermons. The switch of the Master remains on at the disposal of saints because he passes on the words through them. For example just as the water supply is expected in houses from overhead tanks, then mother-sisters keep the tap open and place either a pitcher or drum under it, so that as soon as the water may come, then the pitcher will be filled. Some keep the tap close while others keep it half open then the supply will commence according to the position of the tap. Keep the tap of your mind-brain and soul open while attending the sermons of saints so that those words may imbibe inside you deeply and cleanse the dirt deposited inside and make you worthy of Allah, Waheguru, Ram. This is the mystery behind the sermons of saints.