Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that there are good people in this Kalyuga, but in proportion to the population, there are very few by the grace of God, who have the feeling within them that if they are getting good in lives, why not do good to all.

Seeing someone crying, seeing someone in distress, they sit down to pray to the master, get involved in his sorrows, talk, show the way and ask the Master, Just as you have done mercy on me, this is also your child knowingly or unknowingly, a terrible mistake has happened, pls release them from the punishment of those deeds.

With your divine grace and take away all sins of this soul also. Those who have such a feeling, have sympathy for others, the master makes them merciful, compassionate, because they have the courage to do the good of others, according to what they deserve.

Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji insists that within whom there is a desire to attain the supreme God, they get the treasure of both the worlds and therefore do not ask for the worldly furnishings from the Master.

They only ask that O Satguru! O, Allah! Ram! Your eyes have never seen me, your shadow lies on me. I am not worthy of your sight, but your grace has made me capable. Oh God grant me such blessing that I can serve your children, and walk on your path of love and truth and become meritorious to have a glimpse of you. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji tells that someone went to a fakir and started saying that I am very fortunate.

Fakir said, brother, what have you done? He started to say that I have two sons, all the money everything I have. So the fakir asked did you find God. The man said no. Fakir said that how is that fortunate that you have not found, God. The lucky ones are those who meet the Supreme Power, after which such happiness is found, there is a peace which is beyond the description of words.

So brother! Look for the Master, worship him - worship him. By chanting his name, you can eliminate your grief, anxiety, and inner troubles, and then fill yourself with spiritual peace, ecstasy, both of which will bring happiness to your life will bring joy to your life and your life gets insured.