The lucky ones are those who come in Satsang, but they make themselves more fortunate when they hear and follow the sermons says Rev. Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan. The most difficult thing in this Kalyuga is to sit in the remembrance of Ram- God. Rev. Guruji insists that today's period is the period of KalYuga, in this period, Mana makes a person go it's a way.  Lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride, the mind, and the Maya have all made man his slave. The most difficult thing in this Kaliyug is to sit in the company of truth. Chanting the name of Rama.

All the things in the world look spicy but the name of Ram seems to be like bland food. It tastes bitter but we know all bitten things are good for health. Take for example Neem, it removes all diseases of the mouth. Neem, bitter gourd, jamun, fenugreek are things that will not tasty but do you know how these things are beneficial for body health and people used to eat them in ancient times.

Never slander says, Guru Ji

Sugar is sweet and now the doctors have begun to believe that sugar is the most deadly, salt is also the most deadly, and you love salt and chili. When the salt chili is deadly in the food, then the things that are also of salt chilly are equally fatal. In a way, you wash the scum of others, when you slander and talk ill of people behind their backs. They may sound tasty for your mana, but deadly for your souls, therefore you should never slander.

Talk about society well being and Ram Naam

Rev. Guruji says that people are used to lying all day. Till the time, they do not lie to them for ten or fifteen times in the day, their bread is not digested. And no one believes them. Know that when you are lying, you lose your value.

Talk about the goodness of God’s creation. We guarantee you that it is good to talk about the welfare betterment of the universe. Talk about virtues, philanthropy, etc. True virtue, the true donation is providing treatment to the sick, feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty. If you will talk about doing these works and if you do these things, then we guarantee you that your family will definitely be well taken care of.

So these are things that are valuable, talk about the progress of the country, the goodness of the person, and the good of the society. You talk about it with the name of Ram. As you do, as you will, the spiritual peace, spiritual joy will come, but very few to talk about these says the reverend Master, Baba Ram Rahim Ji.