Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that it is easy to love the Master, but it is very difficult to keep the hood. Every person tells to love the Master, but rare are those who make it till the end. Many give up while still on the path or steer away or are even steered by people out of jealousy. The mind becomes so dominant on the human being but a person should always remember that life is worth living or even dying for Satguru, Maula only.  Even if the whole world is on one side and he should stick to the side where his Master is. Never change sides, even if the entire universe turns against him. A Lord, Master is enough for a devotee; he doesn’t need anyone else to be on his side if God Himself is with him.

Rev. Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji insists that the mind is a very powerful force. As seen now and used to be earlier also, that the woods which are commonly burnt in the fields, and sometimes the wood which is wet, it takes a lot of time to burn. Blow it with the mouth to burn it, and the wood becomes dry. Smoke causes frequent blisters in the eyes, but in the end, the wood burns. Similarly, first man may not want to come to the master and wants to go away, but the love of Satguru prevents him from doing this and with his grace, he surrenders to devotion.

Then there are those who have no faith and no basis of their own, such people are like pots, who keep changing sides. They do not believe in charity or service, nor do they believe in the blessing grace of the Master. Therefore, the person who has already started the fire, his mind has already been confused with it, gradually he himself raises the fire of his mind and one day he himself is burnt in that fire. So safeguard yourself against your mind, negative mana, which is always giving thoughts to separate from truth and Master warns Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji.