Rev. Saint Dr. GurmeetRam Rahim Singh Ji Insan insists that by chanting God's name, the soul becomes stronger and the influence of negative mind or mana is nullified. If you do not include meditation in your schedule and do not meditate regularly morning and evening, the mana will keep on influencing you, by giving negative thoughts. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Jiexhorts that a person’s mind generates both evil and noble thoughts, but those that are given by mind are negative thoughts. And it is the soul that generates noble thoughts. Negative thoughts affect human body very adversely and almost every functioning is affected by these thoughts.

The physical power of the body is destroyed, the power of thinking of the mind diminishes, the weaning of bad thoughts keep on reducing the will power and affect the thinking power human being badly. The revered Guru insists that the person should make a rule of regular Sumiran. As you get ready in the morning, take breakfast, go to the office, go to work and go to the farm and follow your routine, similarly make meditation as part of your routine too.

Similarly, Just wake up in the morning and wash your hands, and feet, and meditate on Lord’s name.  If you find it difficult, to get up, then meditate while just lying down. Because it is better to meditate than not meditate at all. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts that you can see for yourself just for two consecutive months, meditate in the morning and evening 15-15 minutes, if you meditate for 1-1 hour then nothing like it. Then it is a guarantee that too100 percent that you will be able to have a glimpse of Lord within yourself. If you add up the time spent in meditation for two months, then only 5 days and nights are formed.

So how easy it is to wake up and do meditation and your will power and self-confidence grows manifold and helps you in every area  Those who do not have confidence, they get scared at the drop of a hat, and if they are confident, then they can take on every challenge while still smiling and celebrating. With the increase of confidence, you will get promotion in every good work and therefore never leave the hook of noble deeds explains Saint Ram Rahim Ji.