Despite having two surgical strikes, the Pakistan-based terrorist organization is not able to stop violence in Jammu and Kashmir. Five security jawans were killed in a terrorist attack in Anantnag on Wednesday. Despite the tough attitude of India towards terrorism, such attacks continue to point towards the deep root of terrorism. According to the latest conditions, India has to fight a major and decisive battle on the level of diplomacy and power for the end of terrorism. Surgical Strike-2 was considered to be a lesson for Pakistan. But the lesson got forgotten soon after. Baba Ram Rahim Ji lists certain ways by which we can fight the root cause of this problem.

Revenge is not the solution

The issue will not be solved by just getting revenge. The attacks will have to be stopped. Retaliation is necessary, but when it comes to the end of terrorism it needs planning with terrorism. In the plan for the end of terrorism, action against militants becomes necessary without waiting for any attack. This is where we are failing right now. For centuries, India's ideology is also that when peace does not speak peace and love, the use of strictness is the last resort. But this trick attitude has to be practiced all the time. Baba Ram Rahim Ji has shown the intensity of this issue even though a Film “Hind ka Napak Jawaab” where he has actually shown how militancy needs to be answered with determination, this determination, and a well thought of strategy is the need of the hour.

Dialogue and Appeals no more

All the ways have been used in the way of dialogue and appeals. Along with armed combat, it is necessary to prepare the local public against terrorism. In the case of Article 370 and 35-A, the separatists and terrorists may mislead the public and rage against the Indian government. Kashmir's political parties will do their best to make their best interests. The NDA government has promised in its election manifesto to end this section. People of J&K’s support needs to be garnered and then follow the road ahead.

Keep a vigil on the terrorists all the time

We need to really strict and particular about every intelligence report. As in the case of Pulwama attack, a vigilant team could save that incident. But lapses and corruption are coming down heavy on the lives of our soldiers. All political parties need to come together, keeping aside every personal gain, to fight this critical situation, only then can we win. The will to uproot terrorism by one and all is strongly needed. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has been warning about a 3rd world war, being the deadliest war in the history of mankind and every effort to stop the same is worth taking. But keeping mum on this issue is by no means an answer too, He exhorts.