Morning Prayer can bring you closer to God let you attain indelible grace and attention of the Almighty. For all the day long, you surely need strength, motivation, patience, peace, and relaxation, and you can get all of these by sparing just one or half an hour for meditation and morning prayers. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan exhorts everyone to chant daily morning prayers to keep the whole day happy and worthy one.

If you start your day with Morning Prayer, then you get blessed by God’s eternal love, beyond any doubt. This ultimately leaves its bearing on your day’s activities, your daily chores, and every task. One Morning Prayer can bring your focus on the right place and let you live happily ever after. Go through these 5-morning prayers that you must follow for your wonderful beginning of the day:

1    1.  Regular Morning Prayer for a Great Day!

Having a day brimmed of God’s blessings is everyone’s desire. But how to live those special days?

By chanting, this Morning Prayer, regular after waking up in the morning, you can surely feel the bliss. So, before meditation in the early morning, first, chant this Morning Prayer for a great day ahead blessed with God’s grace. Here is it:

“Oh, Lord! Throughout the entire day, I don’t commit any sin or error that displeases you!
Bless me to earn my bread by working hard and I never hurt anyone’s tender feelings! Stay selfless and loving in my dealings!
May I always meditate, even while walking around!
Your memories and longings, May I remain forever bound!
Bless me to become worthy of your visions, I simply plead that you are my soul’s greatest need!”

      2. Morning Prayer for Thanksgiving!

Do you acknowledge God for all that you have been blessed with?

This simple activity of thanksgiving every morning can make your life amazing with God’s love. Saint Dr. MSG says that everyone should prayer in the morning,

“Oh God, Waheguru, Ram, Allah, thank you for everything”

You never know, when your soul pleads it and God fills you up with an abundance of His grace.

So, thank Him for His goodness and blessings, for love & care, for power & sacrifice that has made your life so special and worth living. Thank Him for every breathes you are taking, thank Him for bringing you out of the agony and thank Him for never even let you feel the pain that might come to you in the future.

The power of gratitude can’t be encased in mere words. Once you start this practice and send your morning payers by thanking Him for the grace, you will start feeling the difference in your life. 

      3. A Morning Prayer to Save You from Wrong People!

Often this happens that people want to stay positive and pray to God regularly, but they get encased with people who are not good for them. They find themselves helpless to come out of those situations.

For this, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has given one prayer that everyone must chant every morning,

“Oh Lord, please let me meet with good people and I could be able to see faces of only those who are good for me!”

By regularly chanting this prayer, you will be able to throw out all the negativity 7 negative people from your life.

        4. A Morning Prayer to Leave Inner Vices!

Negative power is so powerful in Kalyuga that even if one wants to curb it, he/she can’t do it easily. So, for this, the measure suggested by Saint Dr. MSG is that one should do prayer,

“Oh Lord, I am leaving this bad habit of mine. Please give me the strength to effectively work on eliminating it from myself entirely.”

As per Saint Dr. MSG, if you start leaving your bad habits regularly while doing your morning payer then you can surely win over the vice that clutches your soul to the core. Adopt this practice for a better and peaceful life.

        5.  A Morning Prayer to Stay Closer to God Always!

As per Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, a disciple can’t ever imagine his life without God’s glimpses and grace. For him, life becomes lifeless if it ever happens. So, to always get in touch with supreme power and enjoy His bliss in every moment, one should pray regularly in the morning,

“Oh, Lord! Your love is the bedrock of my entire life and I can’t expect my existence without you! Your love is everything for me. So, don’t ever spare me of your divine glimpses. Bless me with your presence and Grace invariably! I can’t live without it ever!”

Pray it with a pure heart and God will never abandon you from His blessings & glimpses ever.

Final Words!

Morning Prayer can bring a drastic change in your whole day and even the entire life. These 5 prayers can change your life beyond any doubt and can let you enjoy the life full of God’s grace! Have a great day with these morning prayers!