Dera Sacha Sauda doesn’t require any introduction today. The only name that comes in anyone’s mind whenever they need help is, Dera Sacha Sauda. Either it’s fire accidents, floods, earthquakes, building collapse, child has fallen down into borewell or any damn thing, this is the only an organization which doesn’t think about the hardest situations hustles in the pathways, repel from locals, nothing at all, it’s focus remains only in saving mankind, come what may. Kudos to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan who has instilled such valor and courage in them and inspire them to such extent that they bend over their backward to pick people out of agonies.

This special organization is currently working on 134 welfare works, yes, 134 which is itself a miracle. Though the works are quite many, here we are giving you a glimpse of some of those influential works by this organization. Have a look:

·       Setting Up Dignified Life for Differently Abled Persons!

A physically challenged person faces a plethora of challenges to living a normal life. People don’t ever give them an equal place in society and they face innumerable hurdles to earn their living and live life properly.

For those, monthly free camps are organized in which free checkups, medicines, calipers, and even operations are done without taking a single penny for them. With this wave of providing them a dignified life, they are actually working on raising their position in society.

Besides, wheelchairs are also provided them free of cost, who can’t afford it. They are also given counseling to raise their confidence level.

·    Third Gender to Transgenders!

The miserable life of Eunuchs got a U-Turn from all the miseries when they finally got the status of ‘Third-Gender’. But are you aware of the organization, who filed this petition in the court to grant them the status of ‘Third Gender’?

Yes, it was only & only Dera Sacha Sauda who came forward by side of Eunuchs and filed the petition in the honorable Supreme Court to give it the status of ‘Third Gender;’ in the year 2014. The court accepted it and now they all have equal rights as other humans possess.

They are not called ‘Transgenders or Hijre or any other word, instead of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has given them the name ‘Sukh Dua Samaj’ as they all pray for the goodness of society and people residing therein so they had been renamed as the Sukh Dua Samaj. 

Dera Sacha Sauda is, in fact, working on making their career and settling their life in all possible ways. Now most of them (who approached Dera Sacha Sauda) don’t be in front of anyone or resort to any wrong activity, instead proudly work to earn their living. Even education is also imparted to them to let them stand on their own feet in the future.

·         Turning the lives of Childless Couples!

Children are the blessings but there are a number of couples exist who don’t have children and feel disappointed from their lives. For them, under, ‘The Greatest Gift’ initiative, people give their child to childless couples and refill their lives with a bundle of joy.

·         Giving New Life to prostitutes!

The lives of prostitutes are so miserable than anything else. They don’t get any right to live their life on their own terms. Saint Dr. MSG started an initiative wherein prostitutes are rehabilitated and get a totally new life.

Guruji himself adopts them as His own daughters, get them treated if required, make arrangements for their marriage, study and all other related initiatives as a father do for his daughter. A number of girls have finally left that painful & embarrassing life forever and now living happily after their marriage. Their dream has finally come true of having their own family only because of Saint MSG.

·         No More Poverty!

With the agenda to remove the pain of destitute, different banks are opened to remove their poverty agonies. Banks for money? No! These banks are different!

In every city, district and state, Dera Sacha Sauda have opened Books Bank to invest in their education, Cloth Bank to give them clothes to hide their body, Food Bank to never ever let anyone die because of hunger, Toy Bank to never let any child spare of childhood joys.

Interesting, right? These banks help the destitute every month and bring a smile on the faces who just dream of it. 

Final Words

These are just 5 initiatives by Dera Sacha Sauda running on the inspiration of Saint Baba Ram Rahim. The rest of the 129 initiatives are also serving humanity in an appreciable way. Salute to Guruji’s preachings & galvanizing charisma that pushes volunteers to perform these activities and stand always by Humanity at any cost & even at stake of their own life.