Experiences of Satsangis

Premi Vijay Kumar Insan (Vijay Bansari Vaala), the son-in-law Satpal Insan describes the grace of true Master, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan in this incident.

The incident is of 1994. My wife Mathura Rani Insan developed cancer of the uterus, which was confirmed by many doctors in their medical report. Prior to that, we continued to give her medicines for eight or nine months from different hospitals. The condition became worse after eating with more pain, discomfort, and medicines, etc. On that day I took her to a doctor for a medical checkup at the public hospital at the advice of Dr. Dayal.

Dr. Talwar-Lady Doctor, after a medical checkup, advised going for operation immediately. She said that the condition can worsen further, it not operated on an urgent basis. That day was an unfortunate day in the first week of that month. On Sunday, there was a Satsang in Beranawa (UP). From Sirsa city, those days used to go to a truck for every Satsang in UP (Ashram). The management had put my duty on the carriage and carrying and carrying the accompaniment. But according to Dr. Talwar, if my wife happens to be Operated Virar or on Friday, then my duty had to be interrupted.

I could not leave my wife in that condition and go with the truck, as the doctor was saying that the operation will have to be done immediately. That was also important. Was the question of my family life. What to do now! Because Dr. Sahib was aware of my wife's dysfunctional illness. According to him, the operation was also necessary.

But I wanted to get back from Satsang and get it operated on Monday so that my service also did not get interrupted. I explained to my friend Dr. Dayal that, if the operation is necessary, then after coming to Satsang in Barnawa (UP), I will get it done on Monday. Dr. Talwad on the insistence of my friend Dr. Dayal, gave her injection of Vovaran (S. 51 l) to stop the pain because at that time she was suffering a lot due to unbearable pain. By taking injections, I brought her home.

The pain stopped by injection. She was fine all night. My wife told me that now I am fine, you should go to the service. On Friday, according to the duty of my service, I reached the UP Darbar Barnawawith the help of the truck. In the meantime, in the truck, I wrote a letter in the form of Aradas(prayer) to the lord to shower his Grace, and told Guru Ji to take care of my wife in her illness.

On the next day, when I received the order, I went to the Teravaas for the Darshan of Pujya Guru Ji, and gave him the status as given above of my wife's disease, I also gave the letter to Guru Ji. Pujya Satguru, Dayalu Datar ji at the same time read the letter sitting there and in front of so many of the sewadaars, and went inside the terrace and called me in too close. Shan Shah Ji said, "Vijay son, has got all the checkups done?" I said yes, dad Ji, have done all examinations and got confirmation.

Pujya Dad asked again, "Did you get the checkup done in Chandigarh?" I requested, father did not do it from Chandigarh. Omnipresent Shahan Shah Ji said, "Son, Show in Chandigarh. '' And with this ordered the responsible member, Vijay son’ take as much money you need from for operation ' I thought that the two-and-a-half million doctors had told me for the operation, I take it from here! As I was getting the operation done in Govt. hospital right now and Chandigarh will incur and expense of 2.5 lacs. My heart not accepting heart this. The first verse of Pujya Dad's showing in Chandigarh, I followed that word, and after coming back from Barnawa Satsang I told my father's sermon to go to Chandigarh for a checkup to my wife. On the other hand, when I told Dr. Dayal about going to Chandigarh, he said that there was no one to see your reports there etc.

They will make you go through the test again. Dr. Dayal also said that at least Rs 2.5 lakh can be incurred and it may take 15-20 days too, Dr. Munjal also said to me. But I had full faith in my Satguru Murshid-e-Kamil’s sermons’ as he had asked to show there, nothing more. The next day I reached Chandigarh with my wife with all the reports till now. When Doctor checked, they were surprised. They told my wife, (because I was not allowed inside, so I was sitting outside) who said that you have cancer! My wife told them that my husband is sitting outside and they have all the reports till now.

On this, Dr. Sahib invited me inside and took the reports from me one by one with all the attention carefully. Those Doctors were astonished. They said, 'Where have you come from? I told him that we have come from Sirsa, and I showed them the photo Pujya Guruji in our purse that we are devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. We show up here as per the Sermons of Pujya Guru Baba Ram Rahim ji. This is how my Satguru functions, he does everything and never takes credit himself, many thanks to Rev. Guru Ji for his immense and kind grace on our family.