The pandal was filled with thousands of Dera Followers

During a Naamcharcha to pay homage to the martyr Mahendra Pal Bittu, the speakers called the allegations of “disrespect" on Mohinderpal Bittu Insan as a horrendous conspiracy. He was murdered because he was about to divulge the treatment meted out to him in Jail and made to accept his alleged crime, by force. He said that today's gathering rejects the allegations and we demand that the real culprits of disrespect cases, should be sent behind bars and false cases against Dera Followers should be dismissed.

Dera Followers have always been with truth and never disrespected any religion even in their dreams. As it is the teachings of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been from all there religions and he taught us humanity is our foremost religion. DSS is the only place in the whole wide world, where people from all religions come and conduct devotion as per their own religions. How can we be accused of such heinous crimes? This conspiracy will be unearthed soon.

Kotkapura: The pandal was made in the grain market of Kotkapura on the occasion of the Shardh Anjali ceremony. Though the management had to increase the area of ​​the pandal, traffic was managed with utmost disciple and drinking water was arranged for the visitors.

Kotkapura will be known by the name of Mohinder Pal Bittu

45 member Sister Gurcharan Kaur Insan said that the sacrifice of Mohinderpal Bittu Insan will not go in vain and Kotkapura right will be the Mecca of the fighters of the truth and the false specimens will not be tolerated. Bittu was an epitome of humanity and he has set an example for every Dera follower or every person following truth. He has tolerated every single thorn that was laid on his path and undeterred he followed the path of devotion and love for Satguru. We pray in the Master His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Jis lotus feet to bless his soul with eternal peace and true love.