A Railway Passenger who had not been injured by the train was lying by the rocks, got help only an hour later, in the form of DSS volunteers, who was summoned for help?

Shah Satnam Ji's members of the Green S Welfare Force Wing immediately dispatched the injured youth.

Humanity is dying a slow death and it will be too late before we wake up this grave challenge.

A train was stopped by the train driver on Friday when suddenly a young man fell from a moving train on Friday morning on the Agala-Jagadhari railway route. In a critical condition, the youth started falling into the rocks near the railway line. But none of the passengers came down from the train to help the seriously injured. The members of the Barada block of Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, were informed. So they immediately arrived at the spot. They took care of the seriously injured young man and immediately took him to the hospital and helped him in his treatment and played a key role in humanity following the teachings of their Master Saint Ram Rahim Ji. The families of the injured Sikh youth thanked the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing as if the Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers did not act in a timely manner, the young man wouldn’t have survived.

According to the information, on Friday morning, the businessman Sardar Inderpreet Singh, son of Harar Singh, from Saharanpur, was going to Ambala. The train was overcrowded. Because of which many passengers were hanging on the door of the train. The train reached Tandwal railway station as soon as it reached the Marakanda bridge, then Inderpreet Singh lost his balance and fell down from the moving train and got seriously injured. Although during this time the train stops for some time none of the passengers got down to help him, which is a shame to humanity. Indraprit Singh remained to lie in a deserted condition for nearly an hour in the rocks along the railway lines in the injured state.

A passenger gave information to the block responsible for the Dera Sacha Sauda. Receiving information, members of the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, Vicky Insan and Sandeep Insan reached the spot near the Marakanda Bridge with their companion Rahamdin. The members of the DSS were able to find the injured, Inderpreet Singh after quite a lot of trouble. Inderpreet Singh fell into an unconscious state and big trees growing along the railway line made it difficult to race him. But the exceptional passion that fills these volunteers, to help the deserted, they continued the search for a needy soul.

Ambulance was summoned by the DSS members on the spot and seriously injured Inderpreet Singh was taken to Max Hospital in Mohali. Members of Shah Satnam Ji GreenS Welfare Force Wing informed the families of Inderpreet Singh about the case and assured every possible assistance for the treatment. Inderpreet Singh's wife, Kamal Kaur and relatives thanked the volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing and rev. Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji. According to family members, there is no improvement in the health of Indraprat Singh's health by getting timely medical facilities.

God forbid if you and I are stuck in such a situation and others behave like these to us, imagine our state? To hear the call for humanity and never turn deaf ears on any soul crying for help, as it might be us in the same situation too.