The condition of disaster management in the country is very bad. In large, small incidents, the lives of dozens of people go away when they do not even get relief. About one and a half dozen students died in a fire accident in a coaching center in Surat, while they could be completely saved. Thousands of people are getting annihilated every year with human-born accidents but the administration and the government are not learning anything.

In the urban areas of the country, a very large population is forced to live in tight colonies and unsafe buildings, which are very difficult to get emergency aid during the fire, flood, an earthquake. Corrupt politicians and officials-employees are responsible for this whole disorder. The authorities need to learn from Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji and his volunteers. Not many would know about the world’s largest voluntary Disaster Management force created under the name "Shah Satnam Ji GreenS welfare force wing” by him. With more than 70000 volunteers, these are the world’s largest volunteers working towards disaster management voluntarily. Yes voluntarily, although they do get a huge number of blessings of the victims and treasure of divine happiness by Saint Ram Rahim Ji himself.

Rampant construction add up to the problems

Illegal urbanization, the construction of illegal buildings on it has become the janjal of the country today. Disaster relief resources at the government level, in which fire brigade, the lack of the Grayd Force Units. In the event of the incident in Surat, the three-story coaching complex was not true on security standards, due to the overcrowded fire brigade could not reach there. To avoid the fire, there was nothing available for the ground force, trap, etc. to save the students who were jumping.

In every case of fire arson in urban areas, these flaws are repeated, whether it be a gift cinema fire or a fire in Haryana's school or a fire in the hospital of Calcutta, many incidents have taken place decades, but the municipality, The municipal corporation, the state government or the central government all have failed to solve these problems. Politicians make breathtaking announcements of billions of rupees for distributing free goods to make governments, even if the government is creating the billions of rupees in the form of illusory promises and their propaganda, but the problems of the common man is the same.

Widespread corruption root-cause

Only if corruption could be tackled with some miracle tool. Well, Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts, corruption can only be tackled with boosting the love for the country and values in citizens. Only spiritual education and spirituality can save the fabric of this nation which is getting rotted day by day.

Meanwhile, lacs of Dera Sacha Sauda followers have filled pledge forms to not resort to any corruption of any sort, saying no to giving bribes and even no to take any bribes. These include hundreds of Govt. officers who have pledged for the same and are actually implementing these in their day to day lives. This is where spiritual education works. Character upliftment happens at every level and Baba Ram Rahim Ji has sure uplifted millions of his followers from being just normal citizens to aware and responsible humans of the Society.

Final words

Improve urbanization in disaster management, add facilities in the old settlement, reduce plastic usage, illegal mining, water pollution and air pollution, so that the loss of public money in the disaster is minimal. Only if we could put a sense of ownership in the people of a society or should we say, if followers of Baba Ram Rahim could just multiply and spread across the whole Nation, maybe we can expect a near miracle and the country are saved.